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The Worst Business Combination: Stupidity & Low Self-Awareness

Back in January, I blogged about “the possibility of the U.S. economy overheating in 2018.” Well, the economy has definitely been hot this year.  Has it “overheated?”  I’m not sure where the actual boil-over point is, but there’s no doubt that businesses – likely including many of your suppliers – have been struggling to find adequate talent for their teams.…

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Negotiation Preparation Beats Intelligence: Change My Mind

I had seen the memes for months.  But, it wasn’t until recently that I became aware that the guy seen sitting behind a table bearing a sign with the words “change my mind” had a pretty interesting and provocative series of webisodes. This guy, Steven Crowder, appears in public places with a sign stating a usually-conservative belief and inviting passersby…

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Levi’s sets Aggressive Targets to Cut Emissions Across Global Supply Chain

Concern over the planet is one of the Mega Trends of our era and has taken many forums, including emissions reduction, the study of the impact of natural and man-made disasters, and global warming. Levi’s & Company has embarked on a robust program to reduce the environmental impact of its operations by reducing its carbon emissions resulting from its Supply…

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MRO Made Simple: 3 Ways to Quickly Reduce Costs

Special thanks to Source One, a Corcentric company for this guest post. Every distribution center has materials and services used to maintain, repair, or operate their facilities, machinery, or equipment. These items are typically referred to as MRO products (Maintenance, Repair & Operations). This broad category of products includes items like repair components, lubricants, lighting fixtures, safety supplies, janitorial products and other consumables…

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How To Be A “Leader’s Pet”

In grade school, I was a “teacher’s pet.” I was smart.  I was polite.  I always raised my hand first to answer their questions.  I picked up stuff when they dropped it. In short, I did a lot of things “right” to earn their admiration.  And this admiration turned into tangible rewards, too. Of course, we only have classroom teachers…

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