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In the New Business World, What Procurement Leaders Must Impart to Suppliers

Most people would agree that the business world has been constantly changing…and changing fast! One merely needs to think of the hottest topics in the business world that weren’t mentioned much five years ago:  trade wars, rampant sexual misconduct accusations affecting the most visible of business moguls, social justice, the gig economy and more. These things aren’t just technology evolutions.  They are…

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Donald Trump Wants You To Re-Source Your Spend in China. Are You Taking Action?

After imposing tariffs on a high volume of imports from China earlier this year, the Trump administration this week announced two major changes in its trade war with China:  (1) that the US would apply tariffs to $200 billion worth of goods imported from China, and (2) that the tariff rate on goods imported from China (including the newly selected goods…

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Weeding Out Non-Compliant Suppliers

So, one of the seemingly unstoppable trends in the United States today is the increasing legalization of marijuana. Per an article on Wikipedia, as of today, 31 of the 50 United States have legalized marijuana for medical use.  Furthermore, nine states have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Yet, some organizations do not honor the legality of marijuana at the state level.…

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Influencing Internal Customers’ Purchase Timing

In procurement, we often find ourselves complaining about the timing of our internal customers’ purchase plans. It’s usually that they want everything unreasonably quickly.  Or, it’s that they don’t involve the procurement department early enough for us to do a good job. But, sometimes procurement should encourage internal customers to speed up their plans.  This is especially true when all…

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