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You Can Always Tell the Leader Who Has a Tiny Wiener Dog

Last week, I blogged about making your leadership transition like a sunrise, not like a tornado. But behaving with grace as a leader is not just for the first days of your leadership run.  It’s meant for every day. Unfortunately, we all know the leaders who think that being the meanest, rudest, loudest person possible makes them the best kind…

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The Case for Leveraging Competitive Advantage

The Case for Competitive Advantage The modern business environment brings dynamic global challenges, as business leaders lose sleep, trying to keep pace with political, ecological, technological, industrial, socio-demographic, economic and competitive trends. Survival for the modern organization lies in the very fundamental challenges of maintaining or increasing Global Market Share. The Concept of Competitive Advantage is a critical cog in…

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Let Your Procurement Leadership Transition Be Like A Sunrise

If there’s anything that worries procurement employees the most, it could very well be a leadership transition. When a new procurement leader – CPO, VP of Procurement, Purchasing Director, Supply Chain Manager, etc. – comes on board, the uncertainty that fills the air causes anxiety among a procurement staff.  And anxiety is never cited as a key to world-class procurement…

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5 Common Mistakes That Could Derail Your Sourcing Process

Special thanks to Source One, a Corcentric company for this guest post. When conducting a sourcing initiative, there are many factors that must be considered to keep the project on track and achieve the best results. While I would love to say that every project I’ve worked on in my career as a sourcing professional has gone as originally planned, that would be…

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How Loud Should You Blast Your Procurement Achievements?

There’s a phrase that bothers me:  “Toot your/his/her own horn.” When most people use this phrase, it often has negative connotations.  A typical use in context would be “He’s such an annoying braggart.  All he does is toot his own horn.” But, in an under-respected field such as procurement, tooting your own horn is a good thing.  My feeling is…

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