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Hiring Friends & Acquaintances: There’s More Risk Than You Think!

It’s almost a universal rule:  You have to know someone to get a job. In today’s world, it’s easier than ever to reach supremely qualified job candidates from all over the world and get them to apply for jobs.  Yet, hiring managers still fall back to hiring friends, acquaintances and referrals. “There’s less risk,” they say.  “I don’t know what kind…

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Problems With the Textbook Chain of Command, And a Solution

In organizations large enough to have multiple levels of management, a common practice is to establish a “chain of command.”  The origin of the chain of command concept is often attributed to the military, but is used extensively in business also. According to Wikipedia, a chain of command is “the line of authority and responsibility along which orders are passed within…

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Should Procurement Leaders Apologize?

I recently experienced a situation with a faculty leader at my daughter’s school that brought one of my pet peeves back to the top of my mind:  many people in leadership positions have a very difficult time apologizing. After reading over a defensive, insincere apology from this individual, I thought to myself:  “This guy isn’t a true leader.  True leaders…

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Renegotiation & Credibility

The big news in the negotiation world this week is that US President Donald Trump has withdrawn the US from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.  The JCPOA, often referred to as the “Iran nuclear deal,” was a multi-nation agreement with Iran designed to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  Though the withdrawal decision might be a final decision, President Trump…

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Are Your Suppliers “Barnacles?”

There was quite an interesting earnings call yesterday from Tesla (the automaker, not the awesome rock band). CEO Elon Musk vaguely disclosed some restructuring that the company would be doing in order to better progress towards its profitability goals.  He specifically addressed an apparent problem with Tesla’s over-reliance on a bloated supply base. Business Insider published the following quote from…

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