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Will The “Inclusion Rider” Become A Common Procurement Thing?

After winning the Oscar award for best actress earlier this month, Frances McDormand ended her acceptance speech by saying “I have two words to leave with you tonight, ladies and gentlemen: inclusion rider.” This set off a frenzy of Google searches to find out exactly what an “inclusion rider” is.  As NPR put it, an inclusion rider is “a stipulation that…

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Advanced Procurement Is Tough. Are You?

When the NLPA launched the SPSM-BOK Mastery Model in 2014, one of the important principles we wanted to convey is that some procurement competencies are more advanced than others and that there should be a path to mastering those competencies in an optimal order. So, we recommend starting one’s procurement education path with the online course “Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals.”  It covers…

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