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Do Stakeholders Think You Love A Supplier Too Much?

Happy Valentine’s Day! No other day of the year screams “love” quite like Valentine’s Day.  So, let’s talk about love and procurement. Specifically, let’s talk about whether stakeholders think you “love” an incumbent supplier too much to be unbiased.  Many stakeholders are often suspicious that you choose the supplier that serves them based on “personal” reasons, not just business reasons. …

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People Don’t Quit Procurement Jobs, They Quit Procurement Bosses

There’s an old saying:  “People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.” From my 20+ years in procurement, I can confirm this phrase applies to the procurement workplace as much as it applies to any workplace. In fact, I sense that this may apply to the procurement workplace just a teeny-tiny bit more than some other environments. Why’s that? Well, consider how…

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