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The First Steps of International Sourcing

Special thanks to Source One Management Services for this guest post For companies large and small, there’s no doubt international sourcing boasts major benefits. Market expansion, reduced costs, exposure to new technologies and work forces are just a few of the benefits. Whether you source for a niche provider or a major global player, the beginning steps to expanding supply chain operations are…

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What The Low Cost Country Sourcing Mindset Must Evolve To

One of the hottest buzz phrases of the early 2000’s was “low cost country sourcing,” or LCCS. Here in 2018, we still outsource to low cost countries.  But, with the hot economy that I’ve been blogging about lately, it’s time for an evolved focus and perhaps a new buzz phrase. As I’ve written about the currently hot economy, there “is a…

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Escalating Plant Procurement Problems To Centralized Procurement

There is a common procurement evolution among multi-plant manufacturers. Initially, all plants perform their own procurement.  At some point, some parts of procurement become centralized while other parts remain at the plant level. The centralized procurement activities usually involve selecting, contracting with, and managing strategic suppliers.  The decentralized procurement activities usually involve placing orders, expediting shipments, and communicating with supplier…

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Morale-Building In Procurement Leadership

Last week, I blogged about the prospects of the economy overheating.  And, a few months ago, I blogged about the internal procurement challenge in a hot economy:  filling open positions with good talent. Today, I will expand upon those themes by talking about the currently hot economy and how to preclude the internal procurement challenge by preventing your positions from becoming…

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What An Overheated Economy Means For Procurement

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about how the Trump administration tax cut would impact procurement. A related potential development is the possibility of the U.S. economy overheating in 2018.  The fact that the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 25,000 for the first time ever just yesterday only serves to reinforce this possibility. A good economy is characterized…

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