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How Much Negotiation Mercy Should You Give To Spineless Suppliers?

In today’s business world, there’s a desire to have your good suppliers stay in business.  This desire often tempers how aggressive procurement professionals are when negotiating with certain suppliers. Most suppliers could remain solvent even if they anointed your organization the one customer they no longer charge.  But some suppliers’ viability could be threatened by offering their biggest customer an unprofitable price…

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How Sales Pricing Drives Procurement Pressure

In yesterday’s edition of PurchTips, I gave you 19 questions you should know the answer to if you are truly thinking strategically. But they weren’t the only questions. There’s one I’ll address all on its own in this post:  What is your organization’s pricing strategy for the products and services it sells? You see, pricing on the sales side isn’t…

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What Can Chicken Wing Procurement Teach You?

I recently came across a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article entitled “Soaring chicken wing pricing making Pittsburgh bars, restaurants sweat.” The article detailed how the prices of chicken wings have gone up – in one example, more than quadrupling over a 10-year period.  It went on to discuss how the price of this purchased product influenced strategic decisions of the restaurants, such…

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