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Strengthening Your Strategic Sourcing Process by Incorporating Six Sigma Methodologies

Special thanks to Source One Management Services for this guest post From a high level, Six Sigma methodologies and the strategic sourcing process follow a comparable path and strive for similar results: efficient, leaner, and more cost-effective business environments. Both processes progress by adhering to decisions that are driven by qualitative and quantitative data. While Six Sigma has found most success in…

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Procurement As An Insurance Policy?

Think about the concept of insurance. Insurance allows you to recover from the unexpected. If you get into a car accident, car insurance will pay for the repair of your car.  If your home catches on fire, homeowners’ insurance will pay for the replacement of your home.  If you get injured, health insurance will pay for your visit to the…

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Procurement Priorities Should Mirror Organizational Priorities…But They Often Don’t!

In this smoking hot economy, workers are moving to greener pastures extremely quickly.  And procurement leaders are no exception. It’s been a great time for procurement professionals to climb the corporate ladder into CPO-level roles.  But the uncomfortably fast pace of this upward mobility means that a portion of CPO positions are being filled with individuals who are perhaps a…

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