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Who’s Braver: Procurement Professionals or the Average Driver?

Last month, I wrote a post entitled “Lame Excuses For A Buyer To Lack A Certification, Part III.”  The excuse that I ragged on in that post was “fear of taking a test.” As I wrote in that post, procurement professionals are tested daily by challenging circumstances.  So, when I hear someone say that they haven’t earned a procurement certification because…

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Procurement and the “as a Service” Movement – Webinar This Coming Wednesday

Procurement organizations are facing growing pressure to do more with less, to contribute to the bottom line, not just in the form of savings but also profit. Procurement solutions must also change to adapt to this new environment and embrace the “as-a-Service” movement. For the webinar “Procurement and the ‘as a Service’ Movement,” the Next Level Purchasing Association has tapped…

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Realized Savings: When It’s Your Fault They Are Too Low

I hope that you have enjoyed the article “Reasons Realized Savings Falls Short, Part I.” You probably know me as an advocate for procurement.  If so, you probably were surprised when the first reason I cited in the article cast blame on procurement for Realized Savings being dwarfed by Negotiated Savings. Well, before you get too upset, here’s the thing.…

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Fact-Based Negotiation: Final Thoughts

I hope that you have enjoyed the articles “Why To Hate Fact-Based Negotiation, Part I” and “Why To Hate Fact-Based Negotiation, Part II.” Now, I know from some email I received, that some readers got the false impression that I recommend using only emotion-based negotiation and not fact-based negotiation.  Not the case.  In both articles, I alluded to my belief…

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NLPA’s Procurement Salary Report Featured On Buyers Meeting Point Show!

I was recently honored to be a guest on Buyers Meeting Point’s Blog Talk Radio show.  During this interview, I shared some information about the interesting results revealed in the Next Level Purchasing Association’s latest report, “Purchasing & Supply Management Salaries in 2016.” Check it out!