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SourceSuite eProcurement Review

Today’s NLPA Vendor review focuses on SourceSuite, a cloud-based eProcurement solution for organizations in the public sector and private organizations.  They are a part of BidNet, who provides government contract and intelligence. Some of the key goals of that SourceSuite helps public sector organizations achieve are the elimination of manual processes as well as offering transparency with respect to the…

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Cost Savings Analysis

I hope that you have enjoyed the article “An Analysis of Cost Savings Claims.” The common thread in all of the the disputed cost savings claims in the article was a baseline that failed to follow best practices.  One of the most common miscalculations of a baseline is the use of “last price paid” instead of “previous fiscal year’s average…

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Procurement for Cruise Ships

Last week, my wife and I had the opportunity to take our first cruise.  The cruise was 5 days and had 3,000 passengers and approximately 1,000 crew members. The cruise got me thinking about what it takes to feed everyone on board among other things.  Usually, we think of shipping vessels in procurement and supply chain as opposed to an…

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NLPA Webinar on Ocean Freight Reverse Auctions is This Coming Wednesday!

Ocean freight reverse auctions yield significant savings, allow for extremely fast decision making, and do not have to negatively impact the very important ongoing relationship between buyer and supplier. Typically reverse auctions replace slower, labor-intensive, multi-round spreadsheet driven bids. Reverse auctions automate data collection, negotiation, and analysis thereby replacing many hours of labor and several weeks waiting for carrier responses.…

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Shark Case Study: Why Buyers Need Sharp Contract Administration Teeth

It’s been a while since I wrote a post about a personal experience that related to professional procurement.  But some recent dealings with Euro-Pro Operating, LLC – the maker of Shark vacuum cleaners – have “inspired” me to do a post that intersects work and home life. So, anyway… In the past year, I had purchased a Shark Navigator vacuum.…

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Negotiating After Your Supplier Walks Away

I hope that you have enjoyed the article, “3 Risky Negotiation Approaches.” A risky negotiation approach that was not mentioned in the article was to negotiate hard enough to push your supplier to the brink of walking away from the business.  Unfortunately, if you are willing to negotiate that hard in today’s world of win-win negotiation, there is a chance…

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Intesource eSourcing Targets Savings for Retailers

Intesource, Inc. was founded in 1999 by a group of former grocery executives who set out to create an online sourcing tool.  Today, they are owned by PROACTIS from Wetherby, U.K. and based out of Phoenix, AZ. Intesource specializes in eSourcing and, in particular, reverse auctions and sourcing events.  They offer a comprehensive package of eSourcing management solutions. The eSourcing…

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My Purchasing Center Interviews NLPA Founder About 2015 Salaries Report

The NLPA’s annual Purchasing & Supply Management Salaries Report is always an exciting and well-publicized piece of procurement research.  I recently chatted with My Purchasing Center about some of the most compelling intelligence summarized in the report. Listen at this link:

Final Four Procurement Tips for Purchasing Professionals

Whew, we have finally made it to the final four procurement tips!  We have previously shared our March Madness Procurement Tips and our Sweet 16 Procurement Tips. Now, here are our final four procurement tips for purchasing professionals:   #4.  I have had the pleasure of working with multiple purchasing professionals over the past few years. I recently wrote an article…

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The Most Helpful Data & Analysis on Procurement Salaries, Anywhere, Ever

Earlier this week, the Next Level Purchasing Association launched its fifth annual report on compensation in the procurement profession:  “Purchasing & Supply Management Salaries in 2015.” The NLPA aims to provide more data and analysis each year that the report is issued.  And this year is no exception.  Not only will you see how much purchasing and supply management salaries…

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