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How Apple Balances Procurement & Marketing For Financial Success

I hope that you have enjoyed the article, “Why iPhone Cost Savings Matter Less.” Don’t miss updates on Procurement & Supply Chain, Subscribe here! In the article, I referred to my method of calculating additional profit from increased sales.  I’ll cover that here. Let me begin by talking about volume.  In press releases from September 2013 and September 2014, Apple…

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SourceDogg Takes a Bite Out of eProcurement Marketplace

Ambitious and aggressive are certainly words that can be used to a new player in the eProcurement market in the United States.  Founded in 2009 and based out of Galway, Ireland, SourceDogg is an ISO9001 certified provider of eProcurement software solutions aimed typically at small to mid-sized businesses.  Thanks to strong sales and funding from Nucleus VP Group, SourceDogg has…

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What Makes One Procurement Certification A Better Choice Than Another? Hint: It’s Not Just One Thing!

Imagine this conversation… Don’t miss updates on Procurement & Supply Chain, Subscribe here! Sarah Carbuyer:  “What is the best vehicle available?” Johnny Expert:  “A Ford F-150.” Sarah Carbuyer:  “Why?” Johnny Expert:  “Most people I know are familiar with the Ford F-150.” Sarah Carbuyer:  “OK, I’ll go buy a Ford F-150.” How does this make you feel about these two people?…

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Are You Making This Expensive Procurement Mistake?

Several years ago, I actually looked at one of our homeowner’s insurance bills and found our provider increased our rates significantly beyond our initial rate.  So, I went out and found better coverage and a much better rate with an alternate provider. Don’t miss updates on Procurement & Supply Chain, Subscribe here! Then, the other day, my new homeowner’s insurance…

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