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The First NLPA Conference Was A Rockin’ Procurement Success!

Earlier this month, the Next Level Purchasing Association (NLPA) held our first annual conference.  We’ve been to many procurement conferences in our day and we know that most of them are boring.  We know that most of them feature the same tired speakers and topics year after year after year.  We know that most of them are very impersonal and…

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What Is Changing In Global Sourcing Strategy?

I hope that you have enjoyed the article, “Global Sourcing:  What Is Changing?” This short article was based on part of my keynote speech at the 1st annual NLPA Conference.  And that speech was, in part, inspired by a few “current events” that have served to change the way that global sourcing is done.  Those current events include: 1.  The…

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Tips For Preparing For The SPSM Exam

One question I get asked a lot is:  “The material from the SPSM® Certification courses is so comprehensive, how do I study for the SPSM® Exam?” Well, obviously, the first tip I have is to be as diligent as possible when learning from the online courses.  After you have soaked in all of that good education, then there are ways…

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