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Rewards As An Alternative To Penalties In Contracts

I hope that you enjoyed the article “Tips For Negotiating With A Sole Source.” I wanted to use this post to expand upon one of the items from the article, specifically “Create tiered risk/rewards scenarios for Service Level Agreements.” Obviously, with any contractual relationship, you want the supplier to perform well. A traditional way of “forcing” the supplier to perform…

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Corporate Procurement Principles For Black Friday Shoppers

Today is “Black Friday” in the USA – the day after the Thanksgiving holiday when many people have the day off of work and, therefore, go shopping for Christmas gifts, which are heavily discounted for only the early morning hours. With cash register lines dozens – sometimes hundreds – of people deep, I try to avoid being tempted by the…

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Net 30 Terms: A Thing of the Past?

One of the major, recent shifts in the procurement profession has been how organizations have changed their standard payment terms en masse. Net 30 used to be the seemingly universal standard payment term used by almost every organization in the USA. Last night, I gave a procurement-finance presentation at a local purchasing association. Out of curiosity, I asked for a…

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Can A 15-Minute Call Save You Money On Corporate Purchases, Too?

You know a company spends a lot of money on advertising when you can recite their tag line from memory. A great case in point is Geico’s “A 15-minute call can save you 15% on your car insurance.” So, when my homeowners and auto insurance policies came due earlier this month and I saw that the premiums had risen even…

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Video: Getting The Most Out Of Your Purchasing Training Investment

I prepared this video to help the Procurement VP’s and CPO’s of our clients get faster and better results from their eLearning investments. I think that the advice contained in this video can help anyone who is considering a purchasing training initiative. Enjoy!  

Cyber-Theats: Still A Ticking Supply Chain Time Bomb?

I’ve written before about how cyber-attacks threaten supply chains and how you should be prepared. So, I feel it is part of my duty to pass along to you information about new potential supply chain threats. Here’s the latest. A computer worm called “Stuxnet” has infected tens of thousands of computers worldwide. According to an article on, this worm…

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When Procurement Takes Over T & E Management

I hope that you have enjoyed the article “T & E Management: Procurement’s Domain?” and the accompanying podcast. The management of the travel & expense category – much like the management of categories like personnel benefits, contingent workforce, and fleet – is increasingly finding its home in procurement departments across the world. The podcast shares a CPO’s insights into why…

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Guide To Partnering With Next Level Purchasing

Here at Next Level Purchasing, we field a lot of requests to “partner.” Some we’re interested in exploring, others are merely clutter that we barely have time to respond to. So, I thought that I would put together a quick post to (a) help potential joint venture partners cut through the clutter and present themselves most effectively and (b) help…

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Should You Learn How To Park Your Total Cost Mindset For Certain Purchases?

I enjoyed reading an article on Comcast’s site today that said that General Electric was planning to purchase 25,000 electric vehicles by 2015. That’s quite a spend category in itself, don’t you think? What I find thought provoking about this initiative is that the point of it is to “accelerate the adoption curve” for electric vehicles according to no less…

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The Last Days of Labor Power?

Here at Next Level Purchasing’s headquarters, we are situated right next to an elementary school. As of Monday, the teachers of the Moon Area School District are on strike. So, within a few steps of our building are teachers holding picket signs. I guess that’s their god-given right or something. But, in this economy, one can’t help but want to…

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