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Cost Savings Potential

I hope that you have enjoyed the article “Cost Savings: From Potential To Actual.” In my years in the field, I’ve definitely seen an evolution of purchasing-driven cost savings. Cost savings are often recorded when a contract is signed and, as such, are only estimates. The evolution has followed this path: 1. Purchasing department doesn’t achieve cost savings 2. Purchasing…

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New SPSM Logo Launches on Tuesday!

Tuesday is the four-year anniversary of the SPSM® Certification. One of the ways that we’ll be commemorating the occasion is by launching the new SPSM® Certification logo. The logo, which was just finished yesterday, is pretty darn sweet looking and was created to further increase the sense of pride that purchasing professionals can have by earning the SPSM®. And, in…

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Differences In Certifications

When you put your certification credentials (e.g., SPSM) on your resume, an employer will likely make a judgement about what that means about you as a candidate. Are you skilled? Or did you just simply pass a test? The employer’s perception of the certification may influence how many points having that certification scores for you in his/her evaluation. There are…

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Tough Negotiating: What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

I’ve been going through some old notes on negotiation and came across some materials from a negotiation retreat that a former employer sent me and many of my co-workers to in the ’90’s. At that time, I was working for an employer that had an alliance with a British company. So our Head of Purchasing and our top Purchasing Director…

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Guest Blogging, Anyone?

In my recent “LinkedIn-related” post, I offered a commenter the opportunity to submit a guest blog on a purchasing and supply management topic. And that got me thinking… Maybe it would be a good thing to open up this forum to other voices in the field on occasion. So, if you’re interested, leave a comment below with an email address…

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The Spend Fool Unmasked? An Ulterior Motive Behind False Accusations?

Watch this blog this week for more. That’s all I’ll say for now. To Your Career,Charles Dominick, SPSMPresident & Chief Procurement OfficerNext Level Purchasing, Inc.Struggling To Have A Rewarding Purchasing Career?Earn Your SPSM® Certification Online At

LinkedIn Can Hurt Your Career, Too

Maybe the title of this post is misleading. It’s really the misuse of LinkedIn that can hurt your career, not LinkedIn itself. Everyone is touting LinkedIn as the best professional thing since sliced bread. But there is a such thing as too much information. And LinkedIn can allow you to provide too much information. Here’s a real life situation… A…

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It’s Never The Vendor’s Fault

Here’s a piece of advice that, if followed, will make you a better purchasing professional: adopt the philosophy “If it’s the vendor’s fault, it’s really my fault.” You pick your vendors. You manage your vendors. So you need to be responsible for your vendors. It is a pet peeve of mine when companies blame their vendors when they fail to…

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Services Procurement

I hope that you have enjoyed the article “Purchasing Services: The Pitfalls, Part II.” If you haven’t been a PurchTips subscriber for that long, you can find Part I (from 2006) here. For many purchasers, buying services after a career of buying goods can be nervewracking. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always found that managing a services procurement requires…

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Purchasing Podcasts on

At Next Level Purchasing, one of our goals is to make it as easy as possible for purchasing professionals like you to learn. And I’d like to introduce our newest way of helping you learn easily… You may know that we’ve been publishing free purchasing podcasts for about two years now. A podcast is a digital audio file that you…

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