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Supplier Experiment With Case Studies

One of the nice things about being the president of an organization is that it allows me to conduct real-life experiments to test my hypotheses about purchasing. Obviously, that is not something I wanted to do with someone else’s money when I held purchasing positions for my previous employers! Way back in 2005, I wrote an article entitled “Supplier Size:…

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The Requisition Template Addition

I hope that you enjoyed the article “Your Requisition Template Isn’t Enough.” In this blog post, you’ll get the link to the sample questionnaire that I described in the article. But for those of you who are PurchTips subscribers who have not yet visited this blog, please let me tell you a little more about it. PurchTips is designed to…

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Purchasing Podcasts Now On iTunes!

Yes, Next Level Purchasing’s “Purchasing & Supply Management Podcast Series” is now available on iTunes. You can subscribe and download all of our podcasts for FREE! There’s over 4 hours worth of free training audios and videos there now and the number will be growing. I personally love free podcast subscriptions through iTunes. Once you sign up, new editions of…

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Purchasing People on Facebook

I just set up my profile on Facebook. So, if you’re on it (or were thinking about joining), please send me a friend request. MySpace seems like it has its trashy elements and LinkedIn seems boring, so Facebook appears to be the best social network for purchasing professionals at this point. I’d love to connect with PurchTips subscribers and put…

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New Purchasing-Related Scam

I just read in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that there is a new scam that has affected the Supervalu grocery chain. Apparently, someone pretended to be an employee of a couple of its suppliers and asked it to redirect its payments to new bank accounts. Of course, the bank accounts belonged to the scammer(s) and not the real suppliers. So there’s…

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Purchasing Certification Map

If you haven’t visited our Web page describing the SPSM Certification Program this month, you’ve missed a whole host of updates. One of my favorites, originated by Kara (our Manager of Administration & Special Projects), is the image above. So when I tell you our purchasing education is globally recognized, now you’ll have a better idea exactly what I mean!…

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Boeing Supply Chain

Yesterday morning, I had one of the more perplexing moments in front of my RSS reader. Purchasing Magazine published a story in which they named Steven Schaffer, Boeing’s Vice President of Global Partners, its Supply Chain Manager of the Year. That itself wasn’t perplexing. But what was perplexing was the content of the story. It started off going into how…

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Copycat Purchasing Certification

So many of you have contacted us with confusion about the Senior Professional in Supply Management (SPSM) Certification and a certification that is allegedly coming out from another organization in a year or two with a confusingly similar name and it has been difficult to personally respond to all of you. So please let me use this forum to update…

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Purchasing Technology Layoffs

Uh oh…things are sounding like 2001 again. Today, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that CombineNet laid off a number of people and I just saw a Spend Matters post with similar news about Emptoris. What’s next? To Your Career,Charles Dominick, SPSMPresidentNext Level Purchasing, Inc.Struggling To Have A Rewarding Purchasing Career?Earn Your SPSM Certification Online At

The Negotiation Technique

I hope that you have enjoyed the article “A Negotiation Technique With A New Name.” Using the “reverse differentiation” negotiation technique is a great first step towards becoming an effective win-win negotiator. Experts say that traditional negotiation focuses on “dividing the pie” so that you get a bigger piece of the pie and that win-win negotiation focuses on “expanding the…

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