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Inventory Purchasing

I hope that you have enjoyed the article “Inventory Purchasing Terms You Must Know.” I am getting asked more and more about inventory issues related to purchasing. As organizations are merging various operations functions under the supply chain management umbrella, purchasing professionals are often taken out of their element when given responsibility for inventory. I’ve done several articles related to…

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A Premium on Category-Specific Skills

In a conversation with a procurement research firm today, we talked about my observations in the recruiting of category managers – those purchasing leaders who are responsible for the procurement of a specific category as opposed to general goods and services. Categories may include any specialized product or service from electronics to marketing/media buying to metals to travel services. Based…

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The Untrue Advantage of Classroom Training

I recently exchanged emails with a student who said that her boss prefers classroom training to online training. The reason was that there are too many distractions in the workplace to effectively participate in online training. Uh, wait a second here. If the boss is OK with allowing an employee to leave the office to go to a classroom for…

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Government or Private Sector Procurement Certification?

Another question I get asked once in a while is whether one should pursue a government purchasing certification or a procurement certification more geared toward the private-sector. I always personally recommend a procurement certification that is geared toward the private sector. The trend is for today’s government agencies to attempt to apply purchasing best practices from the private sector in…

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SPSM Certification vs CPIM Certification

I receive questions once in a while asking about the difference between the SPSM Certification and the CPIM certification. The comparison is actually pretty simple. The SPSM stands for “Senior Professional in Supply Management” and it is awarded by the Next Level Purchasing Association. So it is an appropriate certification for individuals in the field of purchasing and supply management: purchasing…

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2007 S&DCE Pros To Know

I’m a little later than the other bloggers in the sector in announcing the news, but I was selected as one of Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine’s 2007 “Pros To Know” in the Sourcing & Procurement/Spend Management category. You can check out the article and the list of all Pros To Know at To Your Career,Charles Dominick, SPSMPresidentNext…

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Purchasing Vlog (Video Blog)

I hope that you have enjoyed the article “What Your Negotiation Power Depends On.” Here’s the first vlog (video blog) on the Purchasing Certification Blog to expand on the topics. If you like the vlog format, please leave me some comments!  

Pittsburgh Penguins Arena Negotiations Complete!

Well, according to this article, the negotiations between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania government officials has reached a happy ending. This after the greedy Pens owners Mario Lemieux and Ron Buerkle publicly and insultingly declared an impasse mere days ago. I’m concerned about the negotiation lessons that people will try to draw from Lemieux and Buerkle’s adversarial approach to the…

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Assistance For Academic Projects

We get a lot of requests by email asking us to answer anywhere from one to 20 questions. When we receive requests to answer questions that seem to be related to academic projects for other institutions, we have a standard response. We believe that integrity and ethics are of utmost importance in purchasing and supply management. Therefore, we decline any…

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New Week’s Penguins Arena Negotiation Post

OK. You’re right. I’m totally obsessed about the Pittsburgh Penguins’ negotiations for a new arena. Here are a few new thoughts for the new week based on negotiation principles that can be applied to purchasing. 1. Have A BATNA. I think that the first use of “BATNA” (short for best alternative to a negotiated agreement) came from the legendary negotiation…

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