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My Guest Post On Supply Excellence

I was given the great opportunity to contribute another guest post on Supply Excellence. This time, the topic was the so-called “Talent Crunch” and why it is such an avoidable situation. Check it out. Thanks to Tim Minahan for the opportunity. To Your Career,Charles Dominick, SPSMPresidentNext Level Purchasing, Inc.Struggling To Have A Rewarding Purchasing Career?Earn Your SPSM Certification Online At

Are You The “Economic” Buyer?

I touched on the topic of how salespeople treat buyers when they are not the ultimate decision maker in the podcast that accompanied the article “Suppliers’ Secrets For Negotiating With Purchasing.” Yesterday, I came across an article entitled “Buyer Spotting” by the infamous Allan Weiss. Allan takes a more coarse approach to dealing with buyers who aren’t the ultimate decision…

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Oooh…Supplier Ratings For Small Business Buyers

I was working in QuickBooks today. QuickBooks, for those that don’t know, is the leading accounting package for small and mid-size enterprises. While working, I noticed in the “Vendor Center” a link that said “Rate This Vendor Online.” So what did I do? Of course, I clicked it! And it allowed me to rate one of Next Level Purchasing’s vendors,…

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The Ethics of Buying From An Employee

A common question is: “Is it OK to be a supplier to the company I work for?” It can be ethical to be a supplier of your own organization if: a. Someone else makes the purchase decision b. The decision is made objectively, giving no favorable treatment to your organization c. You do not access or try to access confidential…

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Global Sourcing Strategy

I hope that you have enjoyed the article “A Global Sourcing Strategy: What’s Different?“ If you’re in the thick of executing a global sourcing strategy for the first time, I also recommend revisiting a couple of previous editions of PurchTips, “Cultural Aspects of International Sourcing” and “Guide To International Negotiation Planning.” In our recent survey, global sourcing came in second…

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Media Guidelines For Purchasing Professionals

One of the things that I would love to do more of is include more interviews with purchasing professionals in PurchTips. But a historical barrier to this is that, when it comes to providing good interview material, purchasing professionals as a group generally leave a lot to be desired. Being a career purchasing professional myself, this is difficult to say.…

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The SPSM Continues Its Global Reach

I’m a little tardy on the SPSM summary for January, but better late than never, right? Last month saw the first SPSM’s certified in Russia and Belgium which was pretty cool. And we certified lots of people from all areas of the world with a particularly large number from the USA and Mexico. Although Mexico doesn’t get a lot of…

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BBB Membership

In the past few weeks, Next Level Purchasing has become a member of the Better Business Bureau and its OnLine Reliability Program. This involved passing a screening by the BBB. With all of the spammers out there, it is critical for people to know what is a legitimate online education program and what is not. So BBB membership is one…

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Supply Management Contract Writing Reviewed

In addition to the massive improvements that I mentioned earlier in the week, we are also working on a new online class to be available later this month. So those things have left me with little time for blogging. Fortunately, Michael Lamoureux over at the Sourcing Innovation Blog has reviewed our class “Supply Management Contract Writing” in two parts this…

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Whew! Here at Next Level Purchasing, we’ve been tremendously busy with our annual content improvement process. While we make improvements throughout the entire year, once a year we go bananas and improve a ton of things at once! Here are a few things we’ve done as part of this process… 1. To enhance your learning experience, we’ve teamed up with…

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