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SPSM Certifications: An Explosive Month!

While the growth of SPSM’s throughout the world has grown steadily since the Senior Professional in Supply Management Certification Program was introduced in 2004, the floodgates have opened this month! In October, we have had as many students earn their SPSM Certifications as we had in the previous 3-1/2 months! Also in October, the first SPSM’s from Mexico and the…

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Negotiating Tactics

I hope that you have enjoyed the article “Negotiating Tactics You Can Use Today.” Like most negotiating experts, I strongly advocate preparation as one of the most important elements of a successful negotiation. I teach a great deal about negotiation preparation in the class “Powerful Negotiation For Successful Buying.” But, I know, I know. Many purchasing professionals simply don’t feel…

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Qualities of a Successful Buyer

I’ve written a lot about the skills required to be a successful buyer in today’s world. But today’s blog post will focus instead on qualities – attributes that are more related to one’s personality rather than their ability to learn a skill. To be a buyer, you have to have “thick skin.” When you’re dealing with dozens or hundreds of…

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Procurement Benchmarking

I just wanted to share a quick thought before retiring for the night… When procurement managers are charged with implementing improvements, they often look to benchmarking initiatives as a place to get some ideas on what needs to be done. That’s excellent. But it requires a degree of caution. When benchmarking, procurement managers often look at what the “best in…

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Preparing To Negotiate With Salespeople

One of the things that I teach in our online course “Powerful Negotiation For Successful Buying” is negotiation preparation techniques. Among the many things you should do when preparing to negotiate is to anticipate what the supplier may say. I came across this article that teaches a salesperson what to say when negotiating with a buyer. I suggest reading it…

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Purchasing Video

Well, the innovation I referred to in an earlier post was officially released today – our first video podcast! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can download it from our Purchasing & Supply Management Podcast Series page or even check it out on YouTube! This is new territory for us. Much like the contract management process that I discuss…

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The Contract Management Process

I hope that you have enjoyed the article “Is Contract Management A Critical Process?“ Let me share with you what inspired me to write this article… Regular readers of this blog know that I recently spoke at the AFLA Annual Conference. At this conference, there were buyers (i.e., fleet managers) and sellers alike. Mention “strategic sourcing best practices” in a…

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Next Level Purchasing Wins Innovation Award!

One thing I always try to be is “ahead of my time.” Being ahead of your time is anything but a way to become an overnight success. Believe me, there were some discouraging times in the early part of this decade when people said “Online purchasing training? That’ll never work!” Maybe it wasn’t the most popular concept in 2001. But…

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Supply Risk Certification Blogstorming

There’s been some interesting brainstorming going on over at Spend Matters. Check it out. Respectfully,Charles Dominick, SPSMPresidentNext Level Purchasing, Inc.Struggling To Have A Rewarding Purchasing Career?Earn Your SPSM Certification Online At

Documents For New Purchasing Manager

I received an email from someone in a parent company who has been asked to take over the purchasing department of one of that company’s newly acquired subsidiaries. She wanted some suggestions as to the documents she should request from the subsidiary’s existing purchasing team. I thought that I’d share those suggestions with you, too, here on this blog. Here…

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