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Purchasing Blogs

Ah, the blogging-for-business age is now at its peak. Business blogs of every shape and size are popping up as people try to make a few bucks out of this newer medium. Actually, I think that some people think that blogging for business is their ticket to lifelong prosperity. But just as the dot-com bubble of the late-90’s reached its…

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Wal-Mart’s Supply Chain: Model For Risk Sharing?

Supply chain concepts always find a way to creep into my personal life… The other day, my wife and I went to Wal-Mart. We made a decision to remodel our bedroom, so we were going to paint our walls blue. Now, we have two small children, ages 2 and 4, so shopping can be challenging. It’s like “get the stuff…

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SPSM Anniversary Is News In Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce posted this news article on its site. We’ve been talking with a number of media outlets about the upcoming second anniversary of the SPSM Certification, so there are probably more articles like this on the way. I’ll try to keep you up-to-date with links here on this blog. Respectfully,Charles Dominick, SPSMPresidentNext Level Purchasing,…

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Purchasing Services

I hope that you have enjoyed the article “Purchasing Services: The Pitfalls, Part I.” Purchasing services is a challenge for those who have strictly purchased goods in the past. As I alluded to in the article, there are many pitfalls. The article itself, being the first in an irregular series, focused on on-time delivery. One additional tip that I’ll add…

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Business Preparation for Avian Flu

There was an interesting article in today’s Post-Gazette, which gave some examples of how businesses are preparing contingency plans for the arrival of avian flu. As I’ve said here before, avian flu is going to require some different approaches from procurement professionals. This particular article even cited the input of Giant Eagle’s director of IT procurement. The avian flu threat…

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Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce

I just thought that it was noteworthy to point out that Next Level Purchasing has recently become a member of the Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce. It seems like a good organization for a community that has lost many jobs due to US Airways’ reduction of service in Pittsburgh (which never made much sense since they gave away a…

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Spend Matters Guest Post

The last two weeks have been insane with coast-to-coast travel and the stomach flu! So I haven’t posted much here, but I’ll be back in business soon. Spend Matters featured a guest post of mine yesterday. You can check it out here. I have some catching up to do. I’ll be back soon. Respectfully,Charles Dominick, SPSMPresidentNext Level Purchasing, Inc.Struggling To…

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Supplier Diversity in Pittsburgh

Kudos go out to Elwin Green at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for writing this piece on PNC’s new supplier diversity executive, Eunice Sykes. Though I am a big fan of the Post-Gazette, I do have to say that corporate procurement is a topic that they don’t cover frequently enough. I’m hoping that today’s article marks a turning point. If you came…

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Cost Savings Ideas

I hope that you have enjoyed the article “Cost Savings Ideas: EDMC Case Study.” It was a real pleasure working with Dr. Lunney. I met her at one of her speaking engagements last year and she really impressed me with her knowledge of, and passion for, procurement. One caution that I do want to make about the article is this:…

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Change @ Inside Supply Management

I noticed that Roberta Duffy is no longer the editor at Inside Supply Management magazine. Does anyone know what happened? There gotta be a story there – she was there so long. Respectfully,Charles Dominick, SPSMPresidentNext Level Purchasing, Inc.Struggling To Have A Rewarding Purchasing Career?Earn Your SPSM Certification Online At