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How Global Is The SPSM?

One of the differentiating characteristics of the SPSM Certification is that it was not designed by a “national” organization, targeting the professionals of one and only one country. The SPSM Certification was specifically designed to be a globally recognized certification. So how global is the SPSM? Well, let me put it into perspective…Today alone, we certified purchasers from these countries:…

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3-Way Match

I hope that you have enjoyed the article “The 3-Way Match, eProcurement, & Pain.” Implementing any part of eProcurement or any major change is a challenge. To succeed, you really need to communicate how individuals will benefit from the change. Unfortunately, when asking folks to record receipts, there is simply not very much benefit that users will derive from recording…

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Congrats To Pitt!

The University of Pittsburgh, a former employer and current customer of mine, recently got some well-deserved press for their eProcurement success – It is nice to see them get recognition for doing a good job. They have a classy group of people that comprise their purchasing team.