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Procurement Contracts

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the article, “Contract Templates: False Sense Of Security?” The issue of enforceability of procurement contracts is tricky. There are various things that can make a procurement contract unexpectedly unenforceable. Therefore, knowing exactly how to write a contract is critical. One “war story” that I love to share is from my days back in the airline…

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Better Than A Supply Chain Book?

I realize that there are some poor online classes out there. Ones without multimedia or hands-on learning or instructor interaction. The good news is that Next Level Purchasing’s online purchasing classes are not mundane like that. The bad news is that those crappy classes make people assume that all online classes are that bad. I had an interesting conversation with…

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Negotiation Course Comments

It is one of the most flattering things to have a student write heartfelt, positive comments about one of our courses. Here’s what one of our recent students said about our negotiation course, “Powerful Negotiation For Successful Buying:” “What I really like about your courses is that you concentrate on theprofessional side of purchasing and you go directly to the…

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