Interpersonal Skills For Win-Win Negotiation

PurchTips edition #25


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Will Your Counterpart Mind If You Succeed?

Colleagues want each other to succeed. Enemies hate to see each other succeed and will try to prevent such success.

Win-win negotiation is characterized by the fact that both parties feel like they ended up with a good deal. To achieve optimal results in a win-win negotiation, the parties must view the negotiation as a collaboration of colleagues rather than a clash of enemies.

So how do you create a collaborative, win-win atmosphere? It starts with having good interpersonal skills.

Here are three good techniques that you can use in negotiations as well as other interpersonal situations.

1. Listen To Your Counterpart
Each party in a negotiation has ideas. Each party wants those ideas heard. Grant your counterpart the courtesy of your attention. Doing so will earn you return attention and will create a collaborative atmosphere. Interrupting your counterpart will create an enemy that will feel satisfaction if you fail.

2. Acknowledge Your Counterpart's Ideas
Negotiators take pride in the ideas that they bring to the table. To discredit those ideas will hurt your counterpart's pride and, again, create a situation where your counterpart would love it if you fail. Instead of saying "That's a bad idea," say "That's an interesting idea, but it may not work in our situation. Let's explore variations of it."

3. Mention Mutual Success When Needed
If your counterpart becomes defensive, aggressive, or upset, remind him or her that you are seeking a win-win solution. Phrases like "We just have to work together to reach an agreement that works for both of us" or "I agree that this must be a win-win situation for us to work together" can be effective when used respectfully. You assure your counterpart of your interest in his or her success while also reminding him or her that you need to achieve certain goals, too.

Win-win requires skills, not necessarily sacrifice.

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