Creative Ideas For Purchasing Leaders

PurchTips edition #69


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Does Your Purchasing Department Need A Spark?

Purchasing departments can get pretty boring. With all of the fast paced work, demanding internal customers, and vendors that need to be micromanaged, it's easy to get sucked into a drab routine.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Whether you're a manager who wants to improve morale or a buyer who wants to be recognized for making good suggestions, you will find that these ideas will help you succeed and break your department out of its rut.

Develop A Supplier's Guide. The most professional purchasing departments have a brochure, folder, or booklet that educates suppliers how to do business with the purchasing organization. In just a few hours, you can create something that is not only useful, but looks good to senior managers concerned about projecting a professional image in the business community.

Have All-Hands Meetings. All-hands meetings are those that are attended by all staff in the purchasing department, not just those in a particular group. These meetings can be used to report progress on key goals and give the opportunity for selected staff members to present case studies of successful projects they've managed or solutions that they implemented.

Start A Purchasing Library. Whether you need a tactic to kickstart a plodding negotiation or a definition for a term that you've read in a supplier's correspondence, it is helpful to have easily accessible literature in your department. Pick up a few magazines and books - negotiation books can be found very cheap at 2nd hand shops - and make them available to the staff.

Invite Internal Customers To Staff Meetings. You rely so much on good communications and relationships with other departments for your success. And these departments rely on you. When an internal customer delivers a short "What Our Department Does" presentation to the purchasing staff, it helps you understand how to better serve the customer, helps the customer understand your challenges, and is a great step in building a successful relationship.

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