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Do you want an impressive qualification that will set you apart from the average purchaser? If so, you will want to earn the Senior Professional in Supply Management® (SPSM®) Certification.

This page describes the higher-level SPSM2® procurement certification training program. You can earn the SPSM2® after you earn the SPSM® Certification.

This page describes the higher-level SPSM3 procurement certification training program. You can earn the SPSM3 after you earn the SPSM® and SPSM2® Certifications.

This PDF document will help you plan to earn your SPSM® Certification.

Getting started with your procurement certification isn’t as hard as you think. Among other procurement certification training resources, the SPSM® Starter Kit will give you access to the first lesson of the SPSM® Certification Program. In 35 minutes, you’ll already have satisfied part of the requirements of SPSM® Certification!

Learn about the progression of NLPA’s multi-level procurement certification training programs.

Dozens of common questions about earning the SPSM® Certification are answered here.

There are many factors to consider when comparing procurement certifications. This downloadable PDF will reveal some of the not-so-obvious factors.

This page lists procurement jobs where the SPSM® Certification is preferred. Browse or post procurement jobs for FREE!

You can renew the SPSM® Certification for a veritable lifetime. But it’s not automatic. Learn how to recertify.

In a fresh style inspired by social media, the NLPA’s SPSM-BOK Memes help you learn key concepts from the Strategic Procurement & Supply Management Body of Knowledge.

Want to verify an employment candidate’s purchasing credentials? Do so here.

Hear the secret of procurement professionals who have earned more rewards in their careers.

If you’ve wanted to earn your SPSM® Certification but have struggled with deciding to pay the up-front costs, there is good news! The Next Level Purchasing Association offers the Pay-As-You-Go Certification Plan.

Online Procurement Training Courses

If you are new to procurement, are you ready for the many challenges you’ll face in the months ahead? Our online procurement training course “Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals” walks you through the procurement process step-by-step. Counts towards the SPSM® Certification.

Are you failing to take advantage of Microsoft Excel’s powerful techniques for procurement? Our online procurement training course “Microsoft Excel For Purchasing Professionals” will enable you to perform sophisticated procurement analyses through exercises that are based entirely on the situations that you face in your procurement work. Counts towards the SPSM® Certification.

Are you putting your organization at significant risk by not having a good contract in place? Our online procurement training course “Supply Management Contract Writing” will help you reduce your procurement risks. Counts towards the SPSM® Certification.

Could not knowing the newest and best negotiation techniques be preventing you from saving a lot more money on your purchases? Our online procurement training course “Powerful Negotiation For Successful Buying” will give you the prowess of an expert negotiator. Counts towards the SPSM® Certification.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could implement the procurement programs that are used by the world’s top corporations? Through the use of step-by-step instructions, examples, exercises, and our 39-page Sample, Tool, and Template Pack, our online procurement training course “14 Purchasing Best Practices” makes it realistic for you to quickly and significantly improve your performance and the performance of your procurement department. Counts towards the SPSM® Certification.

Your CEO wants to know: “Are you executing a cost savings strategy or are you just ‘winging it’?” If you can’t respond by producing a top-notch written strategy, our online procurement training course “Savings Strategy Development” can help you. Counts towards the SPSM® Certification.

Are you a purchasing manager who worries about balancing the many demands of your leadership role? Our online procurement training course “Expert Purchasing Management” will teach you everything you need to know to lead your procurement department to new levels of success! Counts towards the SPSM2® Certification or SPSM® recertification.

Do your purchasing projects suffer from delays, unpleasant surprises, and a lack of true organization? Do you wish you could build a professional project plan and then actually adhere to the plan, delighting your management? Well, you can! Being able to consistently lead purchasing projects to successful conclusions involves learning and applying proven project management principles. Our online procurement training course “Professional Purchasing Project Management” will teach you everything you need to learn to successfully manage modern purchasing projects. Counts towards the SPSM2® Certification or SPSM® recertification.

Are you responsible for increasing your organization’s international procurement and don’t know where to begin? International procurement is a challenge. Buying internationally is much more complex than buying domestically. Buying internationally involves having to expand your knowledge of many aspects of procurement that you don’t have to worry about when buying domestically. Differences in cultures, laws, communications, currencies, and more have to be understood to support international procurement. Our online procurement training course “Basics of Smart International Procurement” will give you the understanding you need for success. Counts towards the SPSM2® Certification or SPSM® recertification.

With all the talk about the global sourcing that many companies are doing, one may think that it is easy, right? That perception could not be further from the truth. Global sourcing may be one of the most complex activities you’ll encounter as a purchasing professional. Our online procurement training course “Executing A Global Sourcing Strategy” will guide you through the challenges of sourcing internationally. Counts towards the SPSM2® Certification or SPSM® recertification.

Do you understand precisely how your procurement work impacts your organization’s financial performance? Is a lack of this understanding keeping you from earning the respect you deserve? After all, today’s CEO’s and CFO’s expect procurement professionals to know how their work supports corporate goals and how to communicate in the language of finance. Our online procurement training course “Finance For Strategic Procurement, Part I” will dramatically improve your understanding of how procurement impacts the overall organization’s financial success. Counts towards the SPSM3 Certification or SPSM®/SPSM2® recertification.

Do you worry that your procurement decisions will be questioned, if not reversed, by senior management? Whether you are selecting a supplier, negotiating payment terms, comparing lease and buy options, or making other typical procurement decisions, there are finance-based approaches that CEO’s and CFO’s will expect you to be following. If you are unaware of what these principles are, you will have little credibility with management at a minimum or make catastrophic mistakes in the worst-case scenario. Our online procurement training course “Finance For Strategic Procurement, Part II” will help you align your decision-making with the goals of finance executives and senior leadership. Counts towards SPSM3 Certification or SPSM®/SPSM2® recertification.

Bad inventory decisions can kill an organization’s profitability, whittle away at its market share, and generally wreak havoc on the supply chain… Are you guilty of making those bad decisions? Don’t your inventory decisions on guesses or informally-learned tactics. Base them on the time-tested best practices you’ll learn in our online procurement training course, “Profitable Inventory Management and Control.” Counts towards the SPSM3 Certification or SPSM®/SPSM2® recertification.

Many organizations compete on the basis of quality: is your procurement work helping or hurting your organization’s ability to succeed? Let’s face it: your organization cannot provide a high-quality product or service if it gets substandard quality products or services from your supply chain. And you know who everyone will blame if there is a supplier quality problem? Right – the procurement department or maybe even you! Our online procurement training course “Improving Quality in the Supply Chain” will teach you the principles and practices necessary to achieve world-class quality. Counts towards the SPSM3 Certification or SPSM®/SPSM2® recertification.

Are you aware of the risks of not having a socially responsible supply chain? Unless you are managing your supply chain in the most socially responsible way, you are risking getting your organization into more trouble than ever. Getting bad publicity, losing customers, and being subject to criminal consequences are just a few of the risks that your organization can face when its procurement professionals are unaware of constantly changing social responsibility principles. Our online procurement training course “Exemplary Supply Chain Social Responsibility” will help you avoid risk and position your organization’s brand among the top in its industry. Counts towards the SPSM4 Certification or SPSM®/SPSM®/SPSM3 recertification.

Are you maximizing the value your organization can get through supplier diversity? Well, unless you have refined your program to the extent that supplier diversity is a strategic priority for your CEO, you’re probably not. Our online procurement training course “Strategic Supplier Diversity Best Practices” will take you beyond the traditional “check the box” mentality of supplier diversity and help you implement a program that makes a real difference for your organization and society. Counts towards the SPSM4 Certification or SPSM®/SPSM2®/SPSM3 recertification.

Are these 7 little-known negotiating mistakes letting your suppliers laugh all the way to the bank? Our online Express Course “Negotiation No-No’s” will teach you how to avoid the common negotiation mistakes that can cost your organization dearly.

Is poor supplier performance driving you crazy? If you have wanted to implement a supplier evaluation program but had difficulty getting started, “Managing Supplier Performance” is the perfect online Express Course for you.

Could your interactions with suppliers be unethical without you even knowing it? Whether you’re a procurement professional who deals with suppliers constantly or you hold a business role (e.g., engineer, IT professional, administrative assistant, etc.) that requires only occasional supplier interaction, there are many potential ethical landmines waiting to explode and subsequently ruin your career. Our online Express Course “15 Rules For Ethical Supplier Interaction” will help you avoid those landmines.

Don’t allow the complexity of services procurement be an unpleasant surprise. Prepare for success by taking our online series of two Express Courses, “Secrets of Painless Services Contracting.”

There are several changes that you can make that will have a major impact on your personal productivity. Learn how to make those changes in our two-part online Express Course series, “Increasing Your Personal Productivity.”

Don’t let sleazy suppliers manipulate your internal customers and lock you into an overpriced contract. Learn how to keep control of the procurement process through our online Express Course, “Preventing and Managing Backdoor Selling.”

Outsourcing a business function can feel foreign if you haven’t done it before. Having a good plan can give you confidence and facilitate your success. Learn to create an effective outsourcing plan in our online Express Course, “How to Plan for Outsourcing Success.”

Poor supplier performance often means that your supplier selection process failed. Learn proven methods for selecting suppliers that will succeed in our online Express Course, “7 Critical Steps of Effective Supplier Selection.”

The right key performance indicators can lead a procurement organization to the best results it ever achieved. Learn the best procurement KPI’s and how to use them in our four-part online Express Course series, “Procurement KPI’s and Business Acumen.”

Products that fail to conform to expectations, late deliveries, disputes…these are all consequences of not communicating well with your suppliers. Learn tips for communicating that will lead to better satisfaction with suppliers in our online Express Course, “Tips for Regret-Free Supplier Communication.”

Procurement careers can have peaks and valleys. Learn how to have higher peaks and shallower valleys in our online Express Course, “How To Take Charge of Your Procurement Career.”

Can’t find the perfect supplier? Develop one! Learn how to strengthen your supply base through supplier development in our two-part online Express Course series, “Supplier Development Program Basics.”

Virtually every buyer needs to use Excel. If you’re new to Excel, our online Express Course “Excel Basics for Buyers” can bring you up to speed on the fundamentals quickly.

Marketing and procurement departments can and should collaborate. Learn how this collaboration can create success for the organization in our online Express Course, “Adding Procurement Value to Marketing Spend.”

Negotiation success is largely determined before the negotiation even begins. Learn how leading procurement negotiators prepare in our online Express Course, “Championship-Caliber Negotiation Preparation.”

Guess what? Your supplier has heard the phrase “You have to sharpen your pencil” a million times and knows exactly how to respond. It’s time to get more creative. Our online Express Course “Creative Negotiation For Buyers” will teach you how.

The most powerful procurement ideas usually need management approval. That’s anything but guaranteed. Learn proven methods for presenting your procurement ideas in a way that is irresistable to management in our online Express Course, “How to Present a Case for Better Procurement.”

Regaining ground in a negotiation can be tough. So, don’t lose ground in the first place. Learn how to start a negotiation the best way in our online Express Course, “Making The Right Negotiation First Impression.”

Knowledge is power. And supply market intelligence is the most powerful type of procurement knowledge. Learn how to leverage supply market intelligence in our online Express Course, “Supply Market Intelligence 101.”

Having the ultimate buying team is never an accident. The distinct characteristics of the millennial generation provide new challenges. Learn how to recruit, train and retain the best procurement talent in our online Express Course, “Next Generation Procurement Talent Management.”

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Whether you’re considering enrolling in just a single course or an entire procurement certification training program, our course catalog will give you full descriptions of our courses in a PDF document you can share with your team, peers, or approvers.

A page for purchasing leaders looking for training their teams. Discounts and additional services are available for organizations that qualify.

Our Plans & Pricing page will help point you in the right direction for your procurement training. Choose from a Basic Membership, Certification Plan, All-Access Plan or Custom Plan.

The NLPA offers a free membership in its procurement association. Become a member today!

If you want your procurement learning to have virtually no limits, the All-Access Plan is for you. Constrained only by the time you’re willing to devote to your studies, you can earn multiple certifications through this awesome procurement certification training program.

See all of our procurement training options, from full-length courses, Express Courses, procurement seminars, and more.

Our full-length online courses consist of eight lessons, each taking about an hour. With applicability to certifications in the SPSM® Family, these can be taken as part of your procurement certification training or on a stand-alone basis. See the full list of our full-length online courses.

Our online Express Courses consist of just a single lesson, requiring less than an hour. See the full list of Express Courses.

Not sure which course or procurement certification training program fits you best? Check out this page for help.

What’s the average procurement salary? What factors contribute to the highest procurement salaries? Download our latest report to learn the answers to these and other procurement salary questions!

Procurement templates can make your work so much easier. Find out how to get our RFP, cost savings reporting, supplier scorecard, and other templates.

Procurement Preschool is the cutest thing to ever happen to procurement. Two pint-sized “Procurement Preschool Professors” provide procurement definitions on video!

Most leaders have an idea of the skills levels of their purchasing team members. However, our PASS Program provides an objective, third-party assessment of your team’s purchasing skills; benchmarks those skills against other purchasing professionals; and provides a roadmap for closing the skill gaps that we uncover.

The NLPA can bring our popular and effective procurement learning sessions right to your organization. In addition to live versions of our online courses, we also offer training on additional topics in live seminar format.

The NLPA Conference always delights attendees with world-class speakers, extremely personal networking opportunities, and a fun environment.

Additional books are not required for any of our online procurement certification training programs, but we do offer a selection of the best purchasing books available!

It is important to sustain the new procurement skills and knowledge you develop. This service is designed to support a lifetime return on your training investment through skills-sharpening material and services.

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204 - A 21-Point Negotiation Checklist

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161 - 10 Step Procurement Transformation, Part I

160 - 4 Rules For Negotiating By Phone

159 - Does Cost Containment Have 2 C's Or 4?

158 - Negotiating Successfully In Inflationary Times

157 - Global Strategic Sourcing Tools

156 - Green Procurement: Let's Get Started!

155 - Cost Savings: From Potential To Actual

154 - Purchasing Services: The Pitfalls, Part II

153 - Buyer Performance Measurement Mistakes

152 - Skillfully Managing Supplier Relationships

151 - Good Negotiation Tactics That Can Backfire

150 - Supplier Quality Audit Basics

149 - The Vendor Performance Myth

148 - The Target Pricing Controversy

147 - Purchasing Resume Perfection

146 - Buyers Ask: What Is Market Intelligence?

145 - The Purchasing Manifesto

144 - Calculating Cost Savings In Multiple Years

143 - Top 10 Purchasing Changes In 10 Years

142 - Negotiation Psychology That Suppliers Use

141 - Doing Better Business With Small Suppliers

140 - Adjust Your Negotiation Approach

139 - Are Big Suppliers A Big Supply Risk?

138 - Your Requisition Template Isn't Enough

137 - A Negotiating Technique With A New Name

136 - Purchasing, Social Responsibility, & Animals

135 - 4 Supplier Relationship Management Tactics

134 - Dual Source vs. Single Source

133 - Negotiating The Ultimate Contract

132 - 2007's Purchasing Buzzwords

131 - Supply Chain Optimization Simplified

130 - 6 Early Supplier Involvement Tips

129 - 7 Supplier Diversity Challenges, Part II

128 - How A Skilled Negotiator Prepares

127 - Cost Savings Reports: Why Some Are Weak

126 - Spend Analysis: Whatcha Looking For?

125 - Your Purchasing Salary: Is It Fair?

124 - Procurement Card Pros & Cons

123 - Inventory Purchasing Terms You Must Know

122 - What Your Negotiation Power Depends On

121 - 7 Supplier Diversity Challenges, Part I

120 - A Global Sourcing Strategy: What's Different?

119 - Should Purchasing Manage The Warehouse?

118 - Cost Savings: Tips For Recording Them

117 - How To Negotiate Price Increases

116 - Purchasing & Inventory Management Hook Up!

115 - What Is Supply Chain Management, Anyway?

114 - Accountability In Purchasing Processes

113 - Office Supplies Sourcing Secrets

112 - Negotiating Tactics You Can Use Today

111 - Is Contract Management A Critical Process?

110 - Cost Savings Reporting: Dot The I's!

109 - Demystifying Group Purchasing Organizations

108 - Tactical vs Strategic Purchasing

107 - Supply Chain Technology: What's Next?

106 - Suppliers' Secrets For Negotiating With Purchasing

105 - The Strategic Sourcing Plan of Attack

104 - The Purchasing Agent's 10 Commandments

103 - Purchasing Services: The Pitfalls, Part I

102 - Cost Savings Ideas: EDMC Case Study

101 - What Management Wants From Purchasing

100 - The Next Purchasing Crisis & Contingency Plans

99 - Negotiation Questions That Surprise Buyers

98 - Supplier Scorecard Price Comparison Formula

97 - Trend Alert: The Supplier Code of Conduct

96 - Negotiating a Time and Materials Contract

95 - Starting A Supplier Diversity Program

94 - 10 Signs of a Modern Purchasing Department

93 - Vendor Negotiations: Timing Is Everything

92 - Supply Base Rationalization: Not 1, But 5 Options

91 - Supply Chain Developments To Watch In 2006

90 - The 3-Way Match, eProcurement, & Pain

89 - The Procurement Project Management Plan

88 - The Make Or Buy Procurement Decision

87 - Is Your Force Majeure Clause Too Weak?

86 - A New Safety Stock Calculation

85 - Procurement Risk Analysis

84 - Women In Purchasing & Supply Chain

83 - Negotiating With Suppliers Over Policies

82 - Contract Templates: False Sense Of Security?

81 - RFP Templates & Social Responsibility

80 - The 21st Century Procurement Department

79 - Strategic Sourcing & Stakeholder Resistance

78 - Spend Management Technology Trends

77 - Email Guidelines For Purchasing Professonals

76 - Supplier Size: It Matters

75 - 6 Ways Purchasers Get More Respect

74 - Will This Purchasing Trend Take Your Job?

73 - Purchaser's Lesson In RSS Technology

72 - Negotiation, Ethics, & You

71 - What Salespeople Learn To Say To You

70 - How To Create A Suppliers' Guide

69 - Creative Ideas For Purchasing Leaders

68 - Government Vs. Private Sector Purchasing

67 - Charles' 2005 Purchasing Predictions

66 - Procurement & World-Class Quality, Part II

65 - Procurement & World-Class Quality, Part I

64 - A Cool Excel Exercise For Purchasers

63 - When To Lease Instead of Buying

62 - eSourcing & Supplier Relationships, Part II

61 - eSourcing & Supplier Relationships, Part I

60 - eProcurement & Retail Type Items

59 - 3 Ways To Trim Costs In The Supply Chain

58 - Critical Ingredients For A Good RFP

57 - Cultural Aspects of International Sourcing

56 - Identifying Supplier Alliance Candidates

55 - 2004's Supply Management Buzzwords

54 - How Careless Purchasers Lose Credibility

53 - An Easy Time-Saving Tip For RFP's

52 - Competing For Downsized Purchasing Jobs

51 - Service vs. Manufacturing Industry Purchasing

50 - 4 Purchasing Profit Center Models

49 - The Lean Concept In Supply Management

48 - 11 Signs of Ethical Competitive Bidding

47 - Sharing Purchasing's Bottom Line Value

46 - Is It All About Price, II

45 - Is It All About Price, I

44 - A Key To Good Purchase Recommendations

43 - Avoiding Global Outsourcing's Dangers

42 - Guide To International Negotiation Planning

41 - Negotiation's Newest Purpose

40 - Charles' 2004 Purchasing Predictions

39 - Autopsies of Dead Supplier Relationships

38 - How To Debrief Unsuccessful Bidders

37 - Purchasing & Public Relations Nightmares

36 - Ensuring Long-Term Supplier Service

35 - Purchaser's Introduction To Six Sigma

34 - How To Improve Your Time Management

33 - Achieving Savings In Non-Traditional Ways

32 - Service Principles For Purchasing, Part II

31 - Service Principles For Purchasing, Part I

30 - Interview With Former ISM President Robert A. Kemp, Ph.D., C.P.M.

29 - Keeping The Risk On Suppliers

28 - The Purchaser's Worst Excuse...And A Strategy That Ensures You'll Never Make It Again

27 - More Purchasing Project Tips

26 - Power Negotiation Made Easy

25 - Interpersonal Skills For Win-Win Negotiation

24 - What Separates A World-Class Purchasing Professional From The Average Buyer?

23 - Purchasing Goals: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

22 - Purchasing Best Practices Definitions

21 - Purchasing Best Practice # 3: Managing Supplier Performance

20 - When Suppliers Request Concessions...Use These 3 Techniques To Avoid Giving Up Too Much

19 - 5 Negotiation Improvement Strategies What You Can Do To Sharpen The Most Sought After Purchasing Skill

18 - Interpersonal Etiquette For Purchasing Professionals

17 - Renegotiation & Specifications... The Connection

16 - Buyer-Driven Innovation

15 - Being Careful About Selecting Online Purchasing Training Not All Online Classes Are Created Equal

14 - Protect Your Compensation From 2003's Mid-Year Budget Cuts

13 - 11 Purchasing Interview Questions You May Encounter

12 - Purchasing Best Practices: 80 Hours of Training Per Employee/Year

11 - Don't Think That You Can Fit Training Into Your Busy Schedule?

10 - Do You Know About The End-Of-The-Year Secret That Will Prevent Purchasing Professionals Like You From Improving Their Skills?

9 - CEO To Purchasing Agent: "Other Companies Are Saving Billions of Dollars By Conducting Internet Reverse Auctions...Why Aren't We?"

8 - Myth #1: Online Training Is Less Interactive Than Old Fashioned Training

7 - 3 Tips For Successfully Managing Purchasing Projects

6 - The Training Comparison Matrix

5 - Are You Executing A Cost Savings Strategy or Are You Just "Winging It?"

4 - How do your contract skills compare with those of world-class purchasing professionals?

3 - Busy Purchasing Professionals Demand That Training Be Made More Convenient: Spending On Online Purchasing Training To Triple In Next Year

2 - Are you as good at using Excel as world-class purchasing professionals are?

1 - How qualified is your purchasing trainer? Ask these 7 questions to find out!

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