About Us: The Next Level Purchasing Association

Introducing The World’s Top Procurement Education Provider

The Next Level Purchasing Association (NLPA) is the world’s leading procurement education provider. We help procurement leaders develop more successful teams and help procurement professionals have rewarding careers.

As a global organization founded in 2000, the NLPA has helped clients in over 160 countries throughout the world to establish and utilize procurement best practices leading to the achievement of better results than ever before.

The NLPA’s offerings include:

Leading Online Procurement Training

  • Prestigious organizations – including many Fortune 500 companies – from over 160 countries throughout North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia have enrolled their procurement professionals in the Senior Professional in Supply Management® (SPSM) Program and online procurement training from the NLPA. See our Who We Educate page for names of such organizations.
  • The NLPA’s training offerings include 16 full-length training courses and 26 Express Courses. Download a copy of the NLPA Course Catalog here.

World’s Largest Professional Procurement Association

The NLPA brings together over 281,000 procurement professionals (including 15,000+ executives) from around the globe the form the world’s largest procurement association.

Recognizing that:

  • Some areas of the world are not prosperous enough for their citizens to pay for top quality procurement education
  • There are many unemployed and underemployed people here in the USA who would love to improve their skills and, thus, their prospects for employment but can’t afford to do so
  • There are some companies that are struggling and do not have budgets for procurement education

The NLPA feels a philanthropic need to provide educational assistance to help those people and companies and as such has established a free basic membership, available to all procurement professionals. The free basic membership of the NLPA includes:

  • Access to the first lesson of “Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals – By completing this preview lesson, you are actually fulfilling part of the requirements to become SPSM® Certified! This single lesson can be completed in about 35 minutes.
  • A Certification Planning Template – This tool will ask you three questions and, based on your responses, let you know exactly what you need to complete to become SPSM®-Certified. You’ll immediately have an estimated date on which you could be certified and it will probably be sooner than you think!
  • SPSM® Certification Introductory Video – This 4.5 minute video will introduce the SPSM® Certification, how it works, and how you can earn your SPSM® Certification.
  • PurchTips – a bi-weekly email newsletter, providing tips and expert procurement advice
  • Monthly member-only webinars –  Live sessions on topics including strategic sourcing, negotiation, procurement technology and more
  • Digital subscription to Leading-Edge Supply ManagementTM – The NLPA’s members’ magazine
  • Access to annual procurement salary and other reports

Honors & Awards

The NLPA has also been honored to receive the following awards and affiliations:

  • Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 – The only procurement training and certification provider to be named to the list 8 times
  • Supply & Demand Chain Executive Pro’s to Know
  • Winner of the Western Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics 
  • Pennsylvania Airport Area Chamber of Commerce Innovative Business of the Year Award