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  1. Thank You – NLPA 22 Tools & Templates

    Thank You, Here are our all 22 Tools & Templates NLPA Tools & Templates Category Savings Potential Assessment Questionnaire Template (.pdf) Certification Announcement To Internal Customers…

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  2. Purchase All 22 Templates & Tools For $45

    The NLPA Template & Tool Library is full of great resources that will save your company time and money and make your life easier. For…

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  3. 7 Ways Technology can Increase Profits

    Technology has reshaped the way businesses operate, expand, and communicate. In our quickly changing world technology can streamline processes. What used to take months to…

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  4. [WEBINAR] Sourcing and Supply Management in the ‘New Normal’

  5. Procurement Operations Goals SMART

    Are your Procurement Operations Goals SMART?


  6. Organizing Procurement Department Operations

    Organizing Procurement Department Operations


  7. The impact of Inventory on the Balance Sheet

    The Impact of Inventory on the Balance Sheet


  8. Types of Inventory

    The Must Know Components of Inventory

    Simplifying things, inventory refers to things that are being temporarily stored because they are not quite ready to go elsewhere. Inventory can be things that…

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