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  1. Procurement Best Practice Execution

  2. impact of the cloud on procurement

    The impact of Cloud on Procurement

    The impact of the cloud on procurement:- Procurement is projected to be a continued critical component of the supply chain function, by assuring the availability…

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  3. Survey Form

  4. Supply Chain Transformation

    Supply Chain Transformation

  5. Logistics Problem Solving

    Effective Logistics Problem Solving

    Logistics is a critical component of effective supply chain management, as it covers the procurement and movement of materials, scheduling of people, organization of manufacturing…

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  6. Pillars of Strategic Procurement Execution

    The supply chain of today is dynamic, rapidly evolving, and requires great strategic, operational and tactical acumen. Procurement professionals must have a proficient understanding of…

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  7. Cultivating Procurement Value

  8. Cashless Procurement Systems

    The Benefits of Cashless Procurement Systems

    The world is evolving day by day, and supply chains are becoming more complex. The topic of cashless systems has been at center stage for…

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  9. The Rise of Blockchain in Procurement

  10. Sourcing Intelligence – Making the right sourcing decisions