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    Problems With the Textbook Chain of Command, And a Solution

    In organizations large enough to have multiple levels of management, a common practice is to establish a “chain of command.”  The origin of the chain…

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  2. PurchTips – 401 – Is Procurement Saving All It Can Be Saving?

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    Should Procurement Leaders Apologize?

    I recently experienced a situation with a faculty leader at my daughter’s school that brought one of my pet peeves back to the top of…

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  4. Terms of Service

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    Renegotiation & Credibility

    The big news in the negotiation world this week is that US President Donald Trump has withdrawn the US from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.…

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  6. PurchTips – 400 – Supply Chain Goals: Are Yours Balanced?

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    Are Your Suppliers “Barnacles?”

    There was quite an interesting earnings call yesterday from Tesla (the automaker, not the awesome rock band). CEO Elon Musk vaguely disclosed some restructuring that…

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  8. SPSM Course Information


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    Social Harmony is Becoming More of a Business Priority. Should it be an International Procurement Priority?

    One of the biggest social-business stories in recent memory was the April 12, 2018 trespassing arrest of two African-American men in a Starbucks after they…

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  10. PurchTips – 399 – Intro to Procurement Productivity Metrics