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    Gain Procurement Excellence Through Supplier Relationship Management

    The role of the procurement function has changed and continues to evolve in today’s increasingly globalized and competitive market landscape. In the past, Procurement was…

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  2. Procurement Professional Reflects on Total Cost of Ownership

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    Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) a Balancing Act

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    Procurement Leadership Lessons From The Hockey Dek

    From practically the time their kids can walk, some parents sign their children up for the sports the parents played in their youth.  And those…

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    The Path To Best-in-Class Procurement

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    Courage: An Important Leadership Ingredient

    Last week, I blogged about how tough leadership is not about being loud and boisterous and abrasive and rude and demeaning. This week, I want…

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    The SCOR Model for Strategic Alignment

    Today’s Supply Chains are more complexed, demanding, fast-paced, and risk-prone than ever before. The SCOR Model (Supply Chain Operations Reference Model), provides a comprehensive, holistic,…

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    You Can Always Tell the Leader Who Has a Tiny Wiener Dog

    Last week, I blogged about making your leadership transition like a sunrise, not like a tornado. But behaving with grace as a leader is not…

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