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  1. Supply Chain Operations Leaders


  2. The Art of the Leverage: Procurement’s leverage Commodity Teams

    The Art of the Leverage : Procurement’s leverage Commodity Teams

    Those of us who have been in the procurement profession for a while know that other departments within our organization don’t always hold the purchasing…

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  3. [WEBINAR] Driving Down the Cost of Supply in the New Normal

  4. Supply Chain Visibility


  5. How do you Plan to Buy in the New Normal?

    How do you Plan to Buy in the New Normal?

    Supply Chain Disruptions, Global Pandemic, Mass Layoffs, Economic Downturn, and a New Normal perspective for Supply Chain Operations. An Annual Procurement Plan is critical to…

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  6. Benefits of an SPSM® certification : Professional mastery: NLPA’s expert instructors equip designees with best practices applicable to any industry; Boosted earning potential: SPSM® professionals…

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  7. [WEBINAR] Supply Strategies in the “New Normal”

  8. Procurement Dashboard

    Are your Procurement Operations Dashboarded?

    Establishing a Procurement Dashboard is an excellent tool for reporting procurement performance. A Purchasing Dashboard is a single-page document that contains four charts that illustrate…

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  9. Thank You – NLPA 22 Tools & Templates

    Thank You, Here are our all 22 Tools & Templates NLPA Tools & Templates Category Savings Potential Assessment Questionnaire Template (.pdf) Certification Announcement To Internal Customers…

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  10. Purchase All 22 Templates & Tools For $145

    The NLPA Template & Tool Library is full of great resources that will save your company time and money and make your life easier. For…

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