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    Popular Courses in Procurement & Supply Chain Management 14 Purchasing Best Practices $599 $229 Enroll Now Savings Strategy Development $599 $229 Enroll Now Expert Purchasing…

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    Donald Trump Wants You To Re-Source Your Spend in China. Are You Taking Action?

    After imposing tariffs on a high volume of imports from China earlier this year, the Trump administration this week announced two major changes in its trade…

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  3. Death of Supply Chain Management in 4D The 4 Daggers

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    Weeding Out Non-Compliant Suppliers

    So, one of the seemingly unstoppable trends in the United States today is the increasing legalization of marijuana. Per an article on Wikipedia, as of…

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  5. 10-Point RFP Proofreading Checklist

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    Influencing Internal Customers’ Purchase Timing

    In procurement, we often find ourselves complaining about the timing of our internal customers’ purchase plans. It’s usually that they want everything unreasonably quickly.  Or,…

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  7. Negotiation Regrets: Avoid Them!

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    Great Leaders Start as Great Followers

    I blog a lot about leadership. And, usually, my blogs are geared towards people who are already in leadership positions.  But, today, I want to…

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  9. Top 10 Global Supply Chain Risks

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    Could CPO Role be Replaced by Chief Value Officer?

    Procurement is the process of translating customer requirements into the selection of highly capable suppliers, to timely, accurately, cost-effectively deliver high quality, mission-critical inputs and…

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