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  1. E-Procurement


  2. 2020 New Year Offer

    Ring in the New Year with an SPSM® Certification! Learn more. Earn more. Turn your procurement job into a career with comprehensive training and certification…

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  3. Procurement Management

    What is Procurement? Procurement Management Process

  4. Purchase Order

    What is a Purchase Order, and How Does it Work?

    A purchase order (PO) is a commercial document and first official offer issued by a buyer to a seller indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products…

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  5. Plans & Pricing

    Cyber Monday Sale Starts Now!💥 30% Off on Bundle Certifications. What Are You Waiting For? Learn more. Earn more. Turn your procurement job into a…

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  6. supply sustainability strategy

    Achieving Supply Sustainability through Effective Metrics

      Every Procurement Department should have a strategy to ensure a stable and sustainable supply of raw materials and mission-critical inputs. Procurement Functions are mandated…

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  7. SWOT Analysis for Procurement

    SWOT Analysis for Procurement Strategies

  8. Sustainability

    3 Pillars and benefits of Sustainability

    Sustainability is the capability to continuously conduct certain activities indefinitely. The study of sustainability is evolving and is often viewed in three dimensions known as…

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  9. Strategic Procurement Operations Transformation Model

    NPLA’s Strategic Procurement Operations Transformational Model (SPOT)

  10. direct-vs-indirect-spend

    Direct vs. Indirect Spend

    One of my students asked about the difference between direct and indirect spend, so I thought I’d post my reply here so that others may…

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