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    Will The “Inclusion Rider” Become A Common Procurement Thing?

    After winning the Oscar award for best actress earlier this month, Frances McDormand ended her acceptance speech by saying “I have two words to leave with…

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  2. PurchTips – 396 – Aspiring Procurement Leaders’ Resume Tips

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    Advanced Procurement Is Tough. Are You?

    When the NLPA launched the SPSM-BOK Mastery Model in 2014, one of the important principles we wanted to convey is that some procurement competencies are more…

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    E-L-What? Electronic Logging Devices

    Special thanks to Source One Management Services for this guest post Since late 2015, the trucking community has been permeated with discussions of the impact of the…

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  5. PurchTips – 395 – Supplier Solvency Warning Signs

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    Attend The “Purchasing & Supply Management Salaries in 2018” Webinar!

    The most anticipated presentations of procurement research are back for their eighth year:  The NLPA’s annual “Purchasing & Supply Management Salaries” report and webinar! You…

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    Do Stakeholders Think You Love A Supplier Too Much?

    Happy Valentine’s Day! No other day of the year screams “love” quite like Valentine’s Day.  So, let’s talk about love and procurement. Specifically, let’s talk…

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  8. PurchTips – 394 – Sourcing Tips Inspired By Valentine’s Day

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    People Don’t Quit Procurement Jobs, They Quit Procurement Bosses

    There’s an old saying:  “People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.” From my 20+ years in procurement, I can confirm this phrase applies to the procurement…

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    The First Steps of International Sourcing

    Special thanks to Source One Management Services for this guest post For companies large and small, there’s no doubt international sourcing boasts major benefits. Market expansion, reduced…

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