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NLPA Tools and Templates

For only $145, you’ll get unlimited access to the:

  1. Category Savings Potential Assessment Questionnaire
    Template (.pdf)
  2. Certification Announcement To Internal Customers Template (.pdf)
  3. Contract Review Checklist Template (.pdf)
  4. Contract Termination Letter Sample (.pdf)
  5. Cost Savings Spreadsheet Template (.xls)
  6. Internal Customer Service Survey Template (.pdf)
  7. Multiple Procurement Position Level Competency Chart Template (.xls)
  8. Negotiation Checklist Template (.pdf)
  9. Procurement Balanced Scorecard (.xlsx)
  10. Procurement Ethics Checklist Template (.pdf)
  11. Procurement Executive Presentation Template (.pptx) 
  12. Procurement Policy Template (.pdf)
  13. Procurement Report Template (.pdf)
  14. Proposal Evaluation Checklist Template (.pdf)
  15. Request For Proposal (RFP) Template (.pdf)
  16. RFP Preparation Letter Sample (.pdf)
  17. Requistion Questionnaire (.pdf)
  18. Supplier Documentation Requirement Matrix (.xlsx)
  19. Supplier RFP Scorecard Template (.xls)
  20. Supply Risk Checklist Template (.pdf)
  21. Supplier Quality Checklist Template (.pdf)
  22. Supplier Responsibility Checklist Template (.pdf)

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