All-Access Corporate Subscription

Give your team access to supply management courses, templates & more

Does your procurement team struggle to solve new problems, overcome challenges, and identify ways to improve supply management performance?

If so, you are not alone. But there is good news!

The Next Level Purchasing Association – an association with over 260,000 procurement professionals and executives from around the world as members – offers over 120 hours of supply management courses as part of an All-Access Corporate Subscription to help procurement teams of eligible corporations* navigate around supply management obstacles and deliver better results than ever!

With an All-Access Corporate Subscription to the Next Level Purchasing Association (NLPA), your procurement team will have access to:

  • 15 full-length online supply management courses and 20 online Express Courses - training designed to produce measurable results and ROI! Course topics include: Negotiation, Strategic Sourcing, Contract Writing, Procurement Ethics, Project Management and much more.
  • The NLPA Library – a collection of supply management templates, checklists, slide decks, archived webinars, transcripts from interviews with industry experts, and much more, giving them readily available solutions to a variety of challenges they are likely to face!
  • The opportunity to earn the globally-recognized SPSM© Certification at no additional charge to your company!

If all of these resources were put into printed form and combined, the All-Access Corporate Subscription to the NLPA would put a 2,000+ page supply management body of knowledge at your procurement team's fingertips. And despite the volume of information available, it is organized for easy access and your procurement team only has to use a fraction of it to achieve a return on investment many times over.

So, don't waste another day struggling to improve supply management performance. Contact the NLPA today to learn more about how the All-Access Corporate Subscription can help your procurement team succeed.

  • Call the NLPA at 1-412-294-1991.
  • Email the NLPA at
  • Or complete the form below to download the NLPA All-Access Corporate Subscription One-Pager.

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* Government agencies and business process outsourcing firms are not eligible for the All-Access Corporate Subscription. "Per seat pricing" is available for those organizations. Contact us for details.