Are you struggling to deliver world-class supply chain performance? You can sharpen a specific supply chain skill through one of our full-length online classes and improve performance in virtually no time! Please click on the title of one of the following supply chain online classes that meets your needs best to read a more detailed description of that class.

Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals - If you are new to supply chain management, are you ready for the many challenges you'll face in the months ahead? Our highly personal and interactive online class "Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals" walks you through the purchasing process step-by-step. You'll be ready for these challenges. And you won't need the years of experience usually required to learn how to deal with these challenges. You'll get more than just an introduction to purchasing and supply chain - you will become an expert at flawlessly executing and managing purchases. Counts towards Original SPSM® Certification.

Microsoft Excel For Purchasing Professionals - Are you failing to take advantage of Microsoft Excel's powerful techniques for supply chain management? Look, even if you are an experienced Excel user, you may not be utilizing the tools that can help you make sound supply chain decisions and deliver top-notch presentations. Our highly personal and interactive online class "Microsoft Excel For Purchasing Professionals" will enable you to perform sophisticated purchasing analyses through exercises that are based entirely on the situations that you face in your supply chain work. Counts towards Original SPSM® Certification.

Supply Management Contract Writing - You've noticed the changes in purchasing over the past few years, haven't you? The changes that have purchasers doing less order processing and more contracting and relationship building with suppliers? This new role requires that you have a new skill set - contract writing. Yet most purchasers don't know how to write a contract. This is troublesome. Because if you aren't familiar with the advanced techniques of contract writing, you can put your organization at risk and be committed to a poor performing supplier for years. Counts towards Original SPSM® Certification.

Powerful Negotiation For Successful Buying - Have your suppliers figured out how to neutralize your supply chain negotiation strategies? Most savvy sellers go through negotiation training at least yearly. Unless you've been just as diligent at improving your supply chain negotiation skills, your chances of getting the best deals from your suppliers are very slim. Counts towards SPSM2 Certification or SPSM® Recertification.

14 Purchasing Best Practices - Wouldn't it be great if you could implement the purchasing best practices that are used by the world's top corporations? Do you think it is impossible because your existing staff is so busy and you don't have the budget to hire an expensive consulting firm? Think again! Counts towards Original SPSM® Certification.

Savings Strategy Development - Your CEO wants to know: "Are you executing a cost savings strategy or are you just 'winging it'?" Could you respond by producing a top-notch written strategy? If not, our highly personal and interactive online class "Savings Strategy Development" can help you. Counts towards Original SPSM® Certification.

Expert Purchasing Management - Are you a purchasing manager who worries about balancing the many demands of your leadership role? You're not alone. Today's companies are expecting more than ever from their purchasing managers. And today's environment is confronting purchasing managers with more challenges than ever. Counts towards SPSM2 Certification or SPSM® Recertification.

Microsoft Project For Purchasing Professionals - Do your purchasing projects suffer from delays, unpleasant surprises, and a lack of true organization? Do you wish you could build a professional project plan and then actually adhere to the plan, delighting your management? Well, you can! Being able to consistently lead purchasing projects to successful conclusions involves learning and applying proven project management principles. Our highly personal and interactive online class "Professional Purchasing Project Management" will teach you everything you need to learn to successfully manage modern purchasing projects. Counts towards Original SPSM2® Certification or SPSM recertification.

Basics Of Smart International Procurement - Are you responsible for increasing your organization's international procurement and don't know where to begin?International procurement is a challenge. Buying internationally is much more complex than buying domestically. Counts towards SPSM2 Certification or SPSM® Recertification.

Executing A Global Sourcing Strategy - With all the talk about the global sourcing that many companies are doing, one may think that it is easy, right? That perception could not be further from the truth. Global sourcing may be one of the most complex activities you'll encounter as a purchasing professional. Counts towards SPSM2 Certification or SPSM® Recertification.

Finance For Strategic Procurement, Part I - Do you understand precisely how your procurement work impacts your organization's financial performance? Is a lack of this understanding keeping you from earning the respect you deserve? After all, today's CEO's and CFO's expect procurement professionals to know how their work supports corporate goals and how to communicate in the language of finance. Counts towards SPSM® or SPSM2 recertification.

Finance For Strategic Procurement, Part II - Do you worry that your procurement decisions will be questioned, if not reversed, by senior management? Whether you are selecting a supplier, negotiating payment terms, comparing lease and buy options, or making other typical procurement decisions, there are finance-based approaches that CEO's and CFO's will expect you to be following. If you are unaware of what these principles are, you will have little credibility with management at a minimum or make catastrophic mistakes in the worst-case scenario. Counts towards SPSM® or SPSM2 recertification.

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