SPSM3™ Certification

Master the Skills of Enterprise-wide Procurement Influence

Successfully managing a modern procurement team today means more than merely optimizing the processes within the four walls of the procurement department: are you ready for the next challenge? Today, procurement departments need to work closely with other departments, like Finance, Quality Assurance, and Supply Chain, which have different objectives and different "languages."

For the organization as a whole to succeed, all of these individual departments need to work synergistically, with procurement being a common element that drives success. Achieving this synergy hasn't been easy for many procurement leaders. It requires an understanding of those other functions and how procurement relates to them. And, historically, there hasn't been much guidance available to help procurement leaders like you in this critical aspect of your job.

But the good news is you now have the opportunity to learn what's necessary to influence and interact with other key areas of your organization, elevate your procurement department, and bring even more value to your role by earning your SPSM3™ Certification. The SPSM3™ Certification will build on the knowledge you've gained by earning both your SPSM® and SPSM2® Certifications, and help you master the skills to collaborate with other departments leading to even better results and a greater bottom-line impact.

The SPSM3™ is not a replacement for the original SPSM® or SPSM2® Certifications, but simply a higher level of achievement. Similar to a master's degree being a higher level compared to a bachelor's degree, the SPSM3™ will be an indication of your continued dedication to advancing your career. The SPSM3™ Certification builds on the skills and knowledge that you have already acquired while earning the SPSM® and SPSM2® Certifications and signifies that you have mastered the skills required to collaborate with other departments in your organization to achieve better results.

Successful SPSM-Certified Procurement Professionals

How exactly do you earn the SPSM3™ Certification?

Earning the SPSM3™ Certification is a three-step process, similar to earning the SPSM® and SPSM2® Certifications. Only currently certified SPSM2's in good-standing are eligible to enroll in the SPSM3™ Program. Here are the three steps...

  1. LEARN: Pass the four self-paced online courses covering Level 3 of the Strategic Procurement & Supply Management Body of Knowledge™. The competencies covered include:

    • Basic Finance for Procurement
    • Advanced Finance for Procurement
    • Inventory Management
    • Supply Chain Quality
  2. PROVE: Pass the SPSM3™ Exam

  3. APPLY: Submit your SPSM3™ certification application

How will you benefit by earning this purchasing certification?

Maintaining your place among the top talent in the profession and ensuring that you are ready for tomorrow's purchasing challenges is crucial. As an SPSM3™, you'll become one of the most elite purchasing professionals ready to handle challenges with confidence while achieving great results.

Achieving your SPSM3™ also serves to recertify you as an SPSM and SPSM2 for a 4-year period, even if your original SPSM® and SPSM2 Certifications expires earlier. Your SPSM® and SPSM2® Certifications will become linked to your SPSM3™ Certification. Recertifying for the SPSM3® automatically recertifies you for the SPSM and SPSM2 and all certifications will have the same expiration date.

Ready to enroll?

If you enroll in the SPSM3™ Program on or before April 30, 2016, you will receive all of these bonuses:

  • Purchasing Performance Measurement spreadsheet
  • Personalized Performance Appraisal Improvement Analysis
  • Access to Web audio interviews with supply chain leaders

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Your enrollment includes:
  • 4 online courses
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Your enrollment includes:
  • 14 online courses (6 courses for SPSM®, 4 courses for SPSM2®, and 4 courses for SPSM3™)
  • 1 attempt for the SPSM® Exam
  • 1 attempt for the SPSM2® Exam
  • 1 attempt for the SPSM3™ Exam
  • Certification Applications for all levels
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