Improving Quality in the Supply Chain

Learn how to apply quality assurance principles in procurement

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Many organizations compete on the basis of quality: is your procurement work helping or hurting your organization's ability to succeed? Let's face it: your organization cannot provide a high-quality product or service if it gets substandard quality products or services from your supply chain. And you know who everyone will blame if there is a supplier quality problem? Right – the procurement department or maybe even you!

So, if quality is so strategically important and procurement activity contributes heavily to quality, supply chain quality improvement should be one of your top priorities and core competencies, right? Then, what exactly are you doing to improve supply chain quality? If you are like most procurement professionals, the answer is probably "not much" or maybe even "nothing." Those answers may have gotten overlooked before, but they will not cut it in view of today's higher expectations. As a modern procurement professional, you need to quickly get up to speed on quality improvement practices. In the past, that hasn't been easy.

But there is finally a way for you to learn about the intricacies of quality assurance and positively influence the quality that you get from your supply chain. Our highly personal and interactive online course "Improving Quality in the Supply Chain" will teach you the quality assurance practices necessary to interact with quality professionals and engineers in your organization and at suppliers so that your organization can have the quality advantage that it needs to succeed.

You will learn how to lead your organization through the four phases of a supply chain quality improvement program, plus:

  • What the critical requirements are for starting a supply chain quality improvement program
  • How to calculate the cost of poor quality and use it in your sourcing decisions
  • How to measure supply chain quality performance
  • Benchmarks for leading-edge quality
  • How to observe and interview suppliers to learn about their quality programs
  • How to evaluate and structure inspection programs, including disadvantages of inspections as a quality assurance method, determining sample sizes, and estimating probabilities of accepting defective goods
  • How to understand quality assurance terminology, such as parts per million (ppm), AQL, and more
  • The statistics involved in quality assurance and how to apply them to industry
  • How to use quality assurance statistics and process capability indices to evaluate suppliers' quality capabilities
  • How to use Statistical Process Control and control charts in working on quality programs with your suppliers
  • What ISO9001 is, what it is not, and why it matters to a supply chain professional like you
  • How quality improvement programs like Lean, Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma can be used in your supply chain
  • How quality principles and tools like value stream mapping, the "Five S's of Lean," process mapping, Ishikawa/fishbone diagrams, failure mode effect analysis, and Poka Yoke can be applied to supply chain quality improvement programs

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