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As a purchasing leader (supervisor, manager, director, VP, CPO), you are in a great position to positively contribute to your organization's success.But sometimes, the skill levels of your purchasing team members can hold you back. Your cost savings are lower than they could be, your internal customers have a negative perception of the purchasing department, and you find yourself being dragged into many problems that buyers should be able to solve on their own.

What if you could get your team to deliver better results and have senior management recognize the purchasing department as a strategic contributor to the organization's success? Not only would you improve your reputation as a great leader, you'd probably be rewarded and experience less struggle and stress. And, yes, you can improve your results with the existing purchasing team. No severance letters or new candidate recruiting is required.

If you're not getting optimal results from your purchasing team, you're not alone. Purchasing leaders want to deliver better results, but get bogged down because they haven't yet learned how to implement an expertly structured purchasing training program based on best practices and designed to improve real-world on the job results.

When leaders like you work with Next Level Purchasing to develop a purchasing training plan, they are relieved to know that transforming their teams for improved results doesn't have to be an insurmountable task. If you have a team of four or more, you can qualify for a group discount on our purchasing training. If you aren't quite sure where to begin, you may qualify for a FREE purchasing skills assessment/benchmarking of your team. Based on the size of your procurement team, once you decide to enroll in our purchasing training – conducted 100% online for your convenience – you will then have access to the following benefits:

  Teams of 1-3 Teams of 4-14 Teams of 15+
Access to Next Level Purchasing's high-quality online purchasing training
Lifetime Purchasing Skills Retention Package, including Quick Reference Guides, monthly email refreshers, and quarterly review webinars
Group discount based on size of team  
Best practices guide for managing an eLearning initiative  
Free 90-day trial of K2 Sourcing's eSourcing software  
Access to our "Manager Check" online tool that allows you to view your team's progress through their purchasing training in real time!  
Training Handbook with reports, whitepapers, & monthly team progress reports mailed to you    
Availability of a skills assessment conducted semi-annually or annually to measure your team's improvement attributable to your purchasing training investment    

Are you interested in learning about our discounts for purchasing teams of four or more people?
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Senior Professional in Supply Management Certification Program
Senior Professional in Supply Management Certification & Enhanced Results Program with iPad
Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals
Microsoft Excel for Purchasing Professionals
Supply Management Contract Writing
Powerful Negotiation for Successful Buying
14 Purchasing Best Practices
Savings Strategy Development
SPSM2 Certification Program
SPSM2 Certification & Enhanced Results Program with iPad
Expert Purchasing Management
Professional Purchasing Project Management
Basics of Smart International Procurement
Executing a Global Sourcing Strategy
SPSM3 Certification Program
SPSM3 Certification & Enhanced Results Program with iPad
Finance for Strategic Procurement, Part I
Finance for Strategic Procurement, Part II
Profitable Inventory Management and Control
Improving Quality in the Supply Chain
Exemplary Supply Chain Social Responsibility
Strategic Supplier Diversity Best Practices


Or you are welcome to apply for our purchasing skills assessment/benchmarking program. Click here for more information.

If you have any questions about our purchasing training or how we work with teams like yours, you can email us directly at info@nextlevelpurchasing.com with the subject "Purchasing Group Training Questions."