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You've noticed the changes in purchasing over the past few years, haven't you?  The changes that have purchasers doing less order processing and more contracting and relationship building with suppliers? This new role requires that you have a new skill set – contract writing. Yet most purchasers don't know how to write a contract. This is troublesome. Because if you aren't familiar with the advanced techniques of contract writing, you can put your organization at risk and be committed to a poor performing supplier for years.

The bottom line is that you need world-class contract writing skills to be successful in purchasing in the 21st century. Now is the time to get those skills. Our highly personal and interactive online class "Supply Management Contract Writing" will give you the skills necessary to minimize your procurement risks. This class goes way beyond the typical, dry explanations of contract law. Through plain English examples, interactive exercises, and a sample contract, you will learn how to negotiate and write effective contracts and iron-clad terms and conditions.

You will learn:

  • How to protect your organization from the disastrous effects of suppliers' failure to perform
  • How to decide if you need the protection of a contract
  • How to choose the most appropriate form of agreement
  • How to structure contracts
  • How to select, use, and develop language for methods of dispute resolution
  • How to write a contract's key legal provisions such as indemnities and limits of liability
  • How to write a contract's key commercial provisions such as pricing and delivery
  • How to write a contract's key technical provisions such as specifications and warranties
  • How to make use of effective styles of contract writing
  • How to effectively proofread and organize contract revisions

How this online course works

  • You can start this on-demand course any time after you enroll; there's no pre-scheduled start date!
  • You progress through the course at your own pace, accessing easy-to-understand reading material, exciting exercises, optional multimedia, quizzes, and even a fun mid-term game!
  • You will have access to a friendly, expert instructor for any questions you may have!
  • You will learn best practices and processes designed so that you can apply your new skills in the real world!

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How to Write A Contract- Jerry Cassiano Review

"While I found all of the courses informative and extremely useful, there was one that I found to be exceptional. That was your Supply Management Contract Writing course. I began using the knowledge I obtained from this course immediately, and I am currently in the process of negotiating a handful of purchasing agreements, that include several of the references you review in your course. I've even gone as far as to 'beef up' our standard Purchasing T's & C's, and I firmly believe that my organization's best interests are protected more now, than they ever have been.

"I'm sure you've heard this numerous times, but I must say 'Thank you'. Not only have you broadened my abilities in an extremely competitive game, you've enabled me to play like a heavy hitter. Needless to say, management has already noticed the impact your courses have made. I must admit, I'm even a little impressed myself, with the knowledge that I am now able to bring to the table. I should have done this years ago!"

Jerry Cassiano, SPSM
Senior Buyer/Planner
San Bernardino, California, USA

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