Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals

The course for improving your tactical purchasing skills

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If you are new to purchasing, are you ready for the many challenges you'll face in the months ahead? 
You can be with the online class  "Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals" which walks you through the purchasing process step-by-step. You'll be ready for these challenges and so much more. And you won't need the years of experience usually required to learn how to deal with these challenges. You'll get more than just an introduction to purchasing - you will become an expert at flawlessly executing and managing purchases.

You will learn:

  • How to conduct a 9-step purchasing process
  • How to most effectively prioritize requisitions
  • How to identify the best potential suppliers
  • The different ways you can categorize suppliers, such as sole source, single source, preferred and approved
  • How to decide when to use competitive bidding, negotiation, or both
  • How to successfully conduct competitive bidding using solicitation tools such as RFP's and RFQ's
  • How to use price analysis, cost analysis, and total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis to evaluate supplier pricing and offers
  • The evidence that will help you select a supplier with the lowest risk of failure
  • How to determine whether a contract, purchase order, or other method of ordering is best for a certain purchase
  • How to select the most appropriate shipping terms for a purchase
  • Legal issues impacting the terms and conditions that govern supplier obligations
  • How to use follow up techniques to ensure supplier compliance
  • How to think like a purchasing manager
  • How to prepare for the future of purchasing

How this online course works

  • You can start this on-demand course any time after you enroll; there's no pre-scheduled start date!
  • You progress through the course at your own pace, accessing easy-to-understand reading material, exciting exercises, optional multimedia, quizzes, and even a fun mid-term game!
  • You will have access to a friendly, expert instructor for any questions you may have!
  • You will learn best practices and processes designed so that you can apply your new skills in the real world!

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Fundamentals of Purchasing

"Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals and the Senior Professional In Supply Management® Program has enhanced my knowledge of the supply management field and provided me a wealth of information that has contributed to the growth of myself and my company. The useful techniques that are covered in this course can be implemented immediately and knowing how to think like a purchasing manager is helping me to prepare myself for future challenges. Through the SPSM® Certification I got the full opportunity to learn about supply management in depth and develop myself professionally."

Engr. Dalal Al-Asousi, SPSM
Purchasing & Logistics Manager

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If you are new to purchasing, or are looking for a step-by-step guide on primary purchasing processes, then enroll in "Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals". The course "Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals" is one of the six online courses that count towards SPSM® Certification. Thinking about pursuing your certification? Then, now might be the time to enroll in the Senior Professional in Supply Management® Program, which gives you all you need to become certified, including "Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals."
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Length of course: 6-8 hours Length of program: 44-48 hours (on average)
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The deadline for the pricing and bonuses listed above is May 5, 2016.

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