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Procurement Manager Jobs: Who Is The Best Candidate?

“Who are the best candidates for procurement manager jobs?” That’s a question that is on the mind of every supply chain director seeking to fill an open procurement manager position. Is there an obvious answer? Well, there is a common answer:  procurement specialists. But that isn’t the only good answer.  And may not be the best answer. There is more than…

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3 Steps Not to Overlook for Successful Sourcing

Nowadays, strategic sourcing has become an ingrained best practice for companies looking to effectively purchase. Indeed, strategic sourcing has proven for over 30 years to be an extremely efficient process for achieving savings on direct and indirect spend categories. That being said, sourcing initiatives may not always aim at realizing savings. For example, what if you’re looking to identify a…

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A Brief Look into Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing, in simpler terms, is large scale 3D printing. 3D printing can be traced back to the early to mid-1980’s and has been progressing ever since. It was in the 2000’s that Additive Manufacturing became an umbrella term for the technology and has since become synonymous with 3D printing. Additive Manufacturing is the process by which 3D designs are…

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