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How qualified is your purchasing trainer?
Ask these 7 questions to find out!

PurchTips - Edition # 1 July 16, 2002

By Charles Dominick


Purchasing Trainer Qualification Questions

Purchasing training can be a rewarding experience. You can learn techniques that you can apply directly to your job to reduce costs, improve processes, and achieve your company's goals. To have the best chance of acquiring knowledge that is directly applicable to your work, it is best to select a trainer that has deep purchasing experience (a) in your type of industry, (b) in your type of company, and (c) with what you buy.

Here are 7 questions you can ask your purchasing trainer to determine how good of a match he or she will be for you.

1. What credentials do you have?

2. How many years have you held a purchasing position?

3. Have you held a purchasing position in manufacturing or service industries or both?

4. What were the ownership structures of the organizations for which you worked?

5. What are the sizes of the organizations for which you have worked?

6. Do you have experience buying goods, services, or both?

7. Who have you trained?

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