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The Purchaser's Worst Excuse...
...And A Strategy That Ensures You'll Never Make It Again

PurchTips - Edition # 28

By Charles Dominick


Do these conversations sound familiar?

Conversation #1
Your boss: Did you finish that report yet?
You: No, I've been too busy.

Conversation #2
Your internal customer: Did you find a component supplier for my project yet?
You: No, I haven't had the time.

Conversation #3
Your purchasing peer: Did you take that negotiation class yet?
You: No, I'm too busy.

If these conversations sound familiar, you have been guilty of using The Purchaser's Worst Excuse: "I'm too busy" or its close cousin "I don't have time." You may say: "These aren't lame excuses. I AM too busy and I DON'T have time!" But the problem is that more than just your words are being communicated in a conversation.

When you say "I'm too busy," you may feel vindicated. But how does your conversation partner feel? If you think that they sympathize with you, you're dead wrong. What if your conversation partner had these thoughts?

Conversation #1: "This employee isn't as talented as I thought."

Conversation #2: "This purchasing agent doesn't care about my efforts."

Conversation #3: "I thought she cared about her career. I guess not."

Is this what you really want to communicate? Didn't think so.

Let's face it: the pace of business isn't getting any slower. It never will. In five years, you'll look back and wish you had all the spare time you have today.

So the solution is not to wait for the pace to slow down. The solution is to get better at handling today's demands. And changing your mindset is really all you have to do.

The solution lies in these 4 words...

The next time you're tempted to use The Purchaser's Worst Excuse, as you're saying "I'm too busy," imagine yourself saying "I'm not efficient enough." You won't like thinking it. So, you'll push yourself to be more efficient and make better use of the time that you do have. You'll find ways to accomplish more in less time. And you'll quit using the Excuse forever. Try it. It WORKS!

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