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5 Negotiation Improvement Strategies
What You Can Do To Sharpen The Most Sought After Purchasing Skill

PurchTips - Edition # 19

By Charles Dominick


Negotiation Still #1

Recent research by Next Level Purchasing, Inc. found that the most desired skill for purchasing managers is negotiation. In fact, 42% of purchasing manager jobs advertised require negotiation skills. Of all the skills mentioned in want ads for purchasing managers, negotiation is the only one that appears in more than 30% of those ads. So whether you are looking for a purchasing job or wish to secure your current purchasing job, it pays to keep your negotiation skills sharp.

How can you keep your negotiation skills sharp? Here are five strategies...

  1. Engage. Negotiation is a dynamic, interactive process. The best way to improve is to actually negotiate. When you do, you should assess how well you met the targets that you set before negotiating. Evaluate what you did well and document any lessons learned.
  2. Observe. Watching others negotiate can enlighten you to techniques and approaches that you may not have thought of on your own. If the option is open, ask a negotiation-savvy coworker if you can sit in on his or her next negotiation session.
  3. Network. Ask other purchasing professionals from different industries what works well for them. Filter this advice through common sense, though, as someone claiming to be a good negotiator may actually be a poor one. Try out some of their best suggestions and see what works for you.
  4. Read. There is no shortage of negotiation books out there. Read customer reviews on before deciding which one to buy. Chances are that you'll uncover a technique or two from any good book.
  5. Take Classes. Formal training in negotiation and in situations involving negotiation not only can help you improve your negotiation performance, but it also looks great on a resume.

Spotlight On Professional Development Opportunities

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